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Awaba State Forest - Red Loop

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By andyfev - Posted on 21 September 2011

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Awaba State Forest
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A lap of the red XC loop. Start from the main car park.

Starting the timer at the trail entry and stop it again once returning to the same spot.

Rank Name Date HH:MM:SS Sound Bite
1 mike95 22 Jun 13 00:34:21 Awaba Red Loop Hot lap
2 Dicko 25 Nov 12 00:35:19 Awaba Hot Lap
3 Ian_A 25 Nov 12 00:35:34 Awaba 8hr fast lap.
4 Blades_Utd 25 Nov 12 00:36:05 2012 Chocolate Foot
5 MrSarcastic 22 Feb 14 00:36:37 Getting Faster
6 Black Flash 9 Sep 13 00:36:44 Started slow but picked up the pace after a couple of kms
7 speedy1 2 Nov 11 00:36:49 Awaba hot lap
8 craked 25 Nov 12 00:37:00 rather warm
9 newby 29 Aug 13 00:37:00 hot lap
10 Brian 25 Nov 12 00:37:04 STM Red Loop
11 chrischris 5 Aug 12 00:37:46 Interval training does pay off
12 Pete B 1 Apr 13 00:38:13 Rocky Trail Shimano GP
13 philberesford 25 Nov 12 00:39:34 Hot day 2012 8hr STM
14 andyfev 23 Sep 12 00:40:41 Closer to a sub 40
15 ps 7 Jul 12 00:41:00 lap 1 of the 4hr
16 pancakes 31 Dec 11 00:49:30 Under 50, w00t! That's hot as I get!
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Using Camel Back Climb, or The Straw?

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Camel Back I think, where is The Straw? I'm assuming the Camel Back one is where the blue route goes to the right and only the red one goes to the left up the climb that nearly killed me Eye-wink Seems to just keep going and going and going!

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the nastier straight up fire road is the "Camel back Climb"

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The camel back climb it was! Is tr straw the track the turns off to the right just as you start the camel back climb?

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It is.

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How accurate is this meant to be?

I did around 37:30 straight from the car. Second lap started as just a fun one and even though I layed it down on a loose bit still came in under 1:16. Both up camelback.

If you want to see some really quick times though, just look at the HMBA results.

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omg... went up camel back for first time last week (as my friend and i took wrong track before and ended up on shorter track) and HOLY HELL we just about made it all the way up.. .were were totally buggered hahaha... hardcore hill.. loved it though... today we tried the straw and i actually prefer camel back! haha... hate riding up hills and trying ot turn the bloody bike around sharp bends and turns - im a beginner and when lose momentem up a hill im screwed! haha

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It's insane especially for unfit blokes like me! I knew my hot lap time wasn't all that quick but seriously guys your times make me look like I'm stopping half way around for a picnic! Can't wait to get sub 45 minutes... If anyone feels pity and would like to register a time slower (if that's possible) than mine it would be greatly appreciated Eye-wink
Ha ha, happy days Eye-wink

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Hey andyfev i road 14 laps of the blue loop saturday for the the 10 hr enduro theres no way i could do camle back for 10 hrs lol, I didnt go riding to day HaHaHa.

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I just found out... 'The Straw' that broke the 'Camel's Back' climb.

Get it? I also found out about lots of the names & the reasons why. Conrod straight, Ross river fever, Sallad bowl, etc. Smiling

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