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Endurance Horse Ride in Kiwarrak SF on Sunday, October 30, 6am to 9am

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By Jason P - Posted on 12 October 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

We have been contacted by some endurance horse riders that on Sunday, October 30 between 6am and 9am a group of about 40 riders will be riding on the firetrails in Kiwarrak State Forest.

So if you are heading out there be aware or better yet ride later in the day. At least they had the decency to advise of the ride well in advance and hopefully we can develop a spirit of co-operation between the two user groups.

Anyone needing further information can contact Terry McMurrich on 6550 6337.

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For what it's worth, I thought I'd share our experience. We frequently encounter horses at Terrey Hills' Perimiter and Long Trails. There is no reason bikes and horses can't co-exist peacefully on the trails if both parties use common sense (horse sense? Smiling ) and consideration.

Whenever we see a horse, we slow down and come to a complete stop, and start making pleasant small talk with the rider. This lets the horse know that we are a human. The rider then lets us know whether he/she wants us to stay stationary while they pass us, or they are happy for us to continue past (slowly) while giving them plenty of room (eg, opposite side of fire trail).

It is always the horse rider whose call it is, since they know their animal best.

In this situation, since it is an endurance ride, I'd expect to come to a stop by the side of the fire road and wait for them to pass, possibly dismounting my bike. and moving off the road if the horse is edgy. Mosts of your trails are away from fire roads so I'd expect interactions to be minimal.

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