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By marhleet - Posted on 12 October 2011

just noticed a few trails with nice tracking and length but no altitude

thinking I need things to do, is there places you'd like to see the up/down so I can get off my fat/lazy butt and get out, maybe only walking, but still, I got a GPS or 4 that can track these things.
you want updates ? ask ...

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The trails DB is now WIKI-like. Just go ahead and update any tracks you feel are incorrect Smiling

That said - since a lot of the tracks were entered I updated the site to go and fetch altitude data from the interwebs when it was missing. Not as accurate as a barometric sensor on your GPS, but better than nothing.

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barometric ?
hmm, satellite tracking will do
I have noticed my Garmin, that it does seem to start a few meters out from where it last was but within any tracked run, it'd be accurate for the rise/fall though maybe not so for the actual altitude

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