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That Bloody Hurt!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 02 November 2011

2 Nov 11
Manly Dam 2 Laps

A few Mates have been talking about "Two in an hour" round the Dam, a few have tried and failed. I thought i'd have a blast tonight. It was Horrible!!!
I know Wazza's done a good time so my top spot won't be for long!
First lap : 28.33 ( only 5 seconds off my PB for one lap )
Second : 31.09
My advice is go hard on the first to give yourself a buffer for the second

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Bloody good effort!

I'm yet to do a single hot lap round the Dam.

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Well done. dude Smiling

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I would have blown a poofer valve doing a single hot lap!

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I would have blown a poofer valve...

That's a scary thought! Sticking out tongue

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Let's see the profile?

No "3 in 90" challenge then? Eye-wink

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My best was with Giantnut late last year when we did a 1.08 for the "twins"
If you are good you can manage a sub 30, but to back it up with a double... man thats super awesome...
I'll give it a go after the Fling...
So which bike was it on???

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I'll get the garmin profile up soon.

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You'' be ready for west head on the 13th!

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I went around tonight too, lucky you didn't see a rider sprawled out at the bottom of the technical rocky downhill section after a spectacular OTB! That bloody hurt too Eye-wink

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You ok? There was a few out tonight.
Must be last minute Fling Panic/training!
@ Pivot. No West Head for Me. I'm doing the Fling on the crosser!

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A few patches of skin missing off my legs and some general bruises but I'm all good, will feel it in the morning no doubt! The wife isn't too happy as I was riding solo.

There was a lot of traffic out tonight and I passed at least 3 riders travelling the wrong way.

Once again, excellent effort on the lap double it will be insanely difficult to top!

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That's insane Gazza!

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which is a bit dangerous at that time of night.
Here's the profile, it's the middle two laps,

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at 92% and 86% average heart rate - seems like you still have some left in the tank Eye-wink


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That was the warm up and cool down ride to and from home that brought the average down. During the two laps ( more on the first ) I was pretty much on the rivet!

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Looks like you need to upgrade your max HR to 187. Gotta keep you honest mate!

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Just checking - So are the rules that you must be below 60 mins to post a time?

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It's just the aim of the game.
If you have a crack at two laps, feel free to post times.

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