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Fast and fun

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By Black Flash - Posted on 30 November 2011

30 Nov 11

Best of a bunch of laps. Started at 2.40 ish then gardually took 4 seconds off each lap.
Its a mini Mt Stromlo Luge!

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Nice work, took a complete minute off my time.

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Thanks - i think... I make up a lot of time on the uphill thanks to a light wheelset. My downhill run is pretty ordinary though...
And what happened to the see saw?? I swear there was a see saw there last time??

pancakes's picture broke it. Sticking out tongue

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There was a see-saw, but it was probably removed because of too many accidents, things like kiddies following too close behind their mates and either riding into the suddenly raised end of it or falling off the end because it didn't lower in time etc etc. The place is like a kiddie playground most of the time, which would be ok if there was someone responsible their showing their little tikes what they should be doing.

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Yep, I've managed to fall off the see-saw... twice! Smiling

Once off the side going too slow, once off the end going too fast. It was a bit on the short side. Sticking out tongue

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We should insist he changes his name to Black Snap.
(A) he hasn't suddenly past me lately then disappeared into the shubbery (why we call him Black Flash).
(B) Every bike he owns is black and then they snap... voila Black Snap

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U guys r a "crack" up! So when I turn up and say I've got no breaks (brakes) its a good thing...

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I know I'll catch you when you break something.

Laughing out loud

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