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Copperhead Flow Down Trail Now Open, Wow!

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By nrthrnben - Posted on 07 December 2011

Just watched the First Ride Vid, and it left me with Goosebumps, so sweet in so many ways!

Well Done World Trail and Mt Buller Management!

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So - combined with Rockwiz that's 2 brilliant things to come out of victoria. When is world trail coming to Manly Dam.

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Does anyone think that some of this vid has been sped up at all? Those guys were going so fast!

Trail looks awesome! How long is the mtb season?

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I'm fairly sure by their level of commitment on the jumps and their skill level (whips etc), they can ride that fast Smiling

Yeah trail has set a new standard for Australia!

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Bit slow, but shows how fun and sustainable the trail is

bit faster this time

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