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Terry Hills - Centre track/Duck Hole - Loop

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By Dicko - Posted on 11 December 2011

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Centre Track
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Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail
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Per the Terrey Hills - Duck Hole/Centre Track - Loop but in Reverse.

I.e Starting at National Park entrance head DOWN centre track, down west head road, turn right, head up to Duck Holes entrance, UP Duckholes until you get back to the top of National park entrance.

You can start anywhere along the circuit, I usually start the lap at the bottom of Duckholes as that's the direction I am generally coming from.

Not sure why but doing it this way seems slower then the other hot lap challenge. Good target is to get this sub 30.

Rank Name Date HH:MM:SS Sound Bite
1 Black Flash 6 Mar 14 00:31:20 Lap 1 of 2
2 Brian 8 Jan 12 00:32:55 Tired Legs
3 Dicko 11 Dec 11 00:33:11 setting up a training goal.
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Thats not just good - thats friggen awesome IMO. Never done it that way before - might make for something different.

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I agree on sub 30 being difficult - I usually do this on the hard tail, and take it a bit easier on some of the rocky decscents, theres probably 30 secs to a minute if I was a bit more agressive - but not sure I know where I am going to save 3 mins to get sub 30.

I guess you really need to slam the Duckholes hill.

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thats pretty much where it will come down to. The rest is pretty much consistant pace. Going down the sealed road should be interesting... Not saying i was speeding yesterday... I was thinking of doing the double - a lap each way to compare. Now imagine that, Gazza would opt for the double in under an hour... Now there's a challenge!

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@Dicko, Are you saying start your timer anywhere as long as you stop it in the same place. I could start it at the West Head turn off on McCarrs Creek Rd as long as I stop it when I get back there?

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You can start anywhere - as long as you ride the loop clockwise.

As you stated the best place to start the clock if you are coming from church point is at the turnoff to west head / Akuna bay on mc carrs creek road.

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