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New Bars Fitted

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By Brian - Posted on 15 December 2011

After riding the 29er with flat bars the risers on the Dale felt a bit weird so last night I fitted some nice FSA K-Force Carbon ones for the 8 1/4 hour on the weekend Smiling

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Hey mate i was just wondering how much does your bike weigh?

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In its current set up its 11.4kg using bathroom scales. I've had it below 11kg running lighter tyres.

GAZZA's picture

It's looking sweet and should be around 10.6kgs.
Not bad for a 5 inch travel bike!

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I think I recall you saying you weighed about 80kgs or so?

I know people have their individual preferences and a setup that one may like another might not, but I'm just wondering what pressures you run in your fork and shock?

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I couldn't tell you!
I check them so infrequently I forget. With the rear I do the sag test at about 25/30%.
I don't mind the front ending up a bit on the soft side as I have bad circulation in my hands so it's a bit nicer on the long rides. Plus I find when it's soft you can be a bit more aggressive in your cornering.

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I'll be doing a bearing reset tonight and setting the front and rear up for the race at Awaba so I can let you know. From memory the front was about 90 psi and I range around 72-73kg with gear depending on what back pack I'm using.

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