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2/3 Manly Dam

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By Rob - Posted on 17 December 2011

8 Nov 08
Manly Dam 2 Laps

Just putting up a time.

Laps 2 + 3 here:

1 lap warm up, 1 lap slow, 1 lap fast. This was a while back - hopefully I'll be back here at some point.

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That seems to be 3 years ago!

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Ah... yes. I noticed someone else posted a time on this challenge which wasn't around way back when. Just for reference is all.

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I'm going to post up a time that I will do in 2021 when the manly dam loop is a sealed path just for electric tangle dangled wing dings...
Just kidding. Good time too. I'll have to input the 1:08 that giantnut and I did last year - just for reference ; )

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