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The New Full Lap

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By Antsonline - Posted on 01 January 2012

31 Dec 11

I've been using Mnt Annan a fair bit recently to tune myself and Jen up for the nationals.
The new full lap (including the rock drop etc) is a fair bit longer than the old one.
I hit a 24.35 then I took and easy lap, then went full bore for a final effort.

I reckon there are another 5-10 seconds on the track still - a few sloppy turns, and I got held up by one guy, but I think 23.30 is almost out of reach.
Get out there and have a crack. I'd love for my time to be toppled.

[Mod. changed challenge]

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Hey Ant,

Do you take the left or right fork at the start of the blue run?

And do you do the fire trail bit at the end?

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Thats a pretty completive time. I am assuming you did the same long course as the recent Sydney 24hr race?

btw why Mt Annan? Is it similar to the Mt Buller course or just a bit more technical than some of the other places like Wingello.

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Mnt Annan - its more technical (from a cornering perspective) than anywhere else I know. To go really fast there you need to lay the bike right over in the corners and beg your tyres to grip. There are enough pinch climbs to make it hurt bad, but not completely ruin your legs either.
Its just a good, honest, XC loop.

Re the route choice, I take the left (longer) route - if its the bit I am thinking about. And yep, the fireroad at the end. It.s the full loop.

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I find it hard to believe this is only number 6 on the leader board right now. Think some people must not have been timing the same loop.

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Hey Ants,

let me know the distance of the new loop and I'll post up a challenge for you.


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His lap includes the black section, the lap time for the loop he did will stand as top for a long time. Don't think anyone got close to his time at the recent 24hr.

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And certainly didnt get close to that time .......Something about being to old , fat and Slow ........
But it is a fun lap and a bloody good workout ..

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I have a feeling it will fall soon. I'd love to be the fastest around, but there are a few others out there who have told me directly that are gonna topple it!
At the 24hr, Kyle Ward (a good friend, and someone who I am helping with some training advice) was the winner of fastest lap. He went 25.30(ish), but he has already told me he is going to go an try and ruin my party. I dont think he will find it easy, but he is an amazing bike handler and way more naturally talented than I am.
I expect a 23.30 sometime soon.

I'll be heading down there this weekend, for some more fast laps, so might post up a 'ride' if anyone is keen to join. Not sure if it will be Sat or Sun. Probably Sat though.

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I agree its a quality track. About the only thing it lacks is a leg sapping climb. I haven't done a non stop lap yet but will soon, but I doubt I'll come close to that time. As Ant said, you need to really commit through many corners to get that sort of time.

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The challenge above is for the old Green+Blue lap 6.5km. There is no challenge yet for the new comp route (black section+fire trail) roughly 9km.

I think someone did a 22.?? At the recent 24hr

I have a Garmin recording for the comp lap, will create a new challenge tonight unless someone else does it before me.

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New challange is up here

This challange should be renamed from 'full loop' to 'Green + Blue Loop' to remove confusion

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Thanks everyone for sorting all that out.
There was a 22.xx done at the 24hr, but it was a timing error. Cam Ivory went a 24.3x which was legit, and I reckon with a clear track he would take 30secs off.

Anyway - now that we have the new hotlap on the system, everyone can have a crack!

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Are you going to do the full track the race was on ? There needs too be a gps layout tracked out for everyone to adhere too as all time runs will be legit , where the green & blue seperate after the pinch climb over the log in the trees you go across the clearing up into the blue single track do you go right or left ? Then when the blue meets the green near the pump track do you go up the hill then turn around & come back or do you just jump onto the track there , then near the end at the power lines you must take the fire trail left at the pole then hook right too follow fence line of the fire trail back to start sign post or you can start finish at the bridge .

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This has all been stipulated in the Challange
I have also shared 2 Garmin Activities.

Here is a Garmin Course I created from the SRAM 8hr (Note: This start/finish was closer to the Bridge). I think it may be possible to upload this onto your own Garmin. But my time is very slow so you would easily beat the ghost.

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The challenge says the right fork is ok. Ant's time was for the left fork. Both are legit but the left is definitely more challenging (not quite as much fun though).

Also, for the non Garmin users amongst us, how far up do you go at the end of the blue? All the way back to the start of the blue or to the clearing where the loop is?

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Left fork was taped off in both races, thus right fork is the comp course. Left is not shorter thus you are allowed to go left if you wish.

After the blue section you ride up the management trail through the trees. After clearing the trees a sign post should be evident, switch back around this and head back downhill on the Green loop single track.

Please post any further questions in regards to the challenge itself here.

Any further comments below should be about Ants Time, not the challange itself.

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No way I will be in the challenge I wasn't much quicker than your time on the sweep lap at the 24hr & that was stopping for a phone call too, I could take at least 3 mins off not too much more .

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