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1st PB for 2012

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By Brian - Posted on 02 January 2012

2 Jan 12

My 1st PB for 2012. I use to max my HR in the 190's so maybe I need to push harder Eye-wink
Avg Speed 44.6km/h
Avg HR 178
Max HR 183

Lap 4

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What bike? What gearing? I find on my 2 x 10 (28/42) im spinning as fast as my little legs can go... where as back on the old 3 x 9 (44t) i could go that little bit faster...
Well done!

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On my 29er HT with the good old Gripshift 3x9.

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Also - where the hell do you live? You seem to be riding everywhere of late! (Read envy)

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Yep 44t. (22-32-44) and (11-34).

PS. I live in Bayview and my misses is very nice letting me out to play all the time Smiling

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