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Mt Annan Enduro Comp Track

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 03 January 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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As used by Chocolat Foot Single track Mind Rnd 5 SRAM series 8hr September 18th 2011 and Rocky Trail Entertainment Jet Black 24hr and Merc Benz 6+6 December 3rd & 4th 2011

Use the Trail head sign as the start and finish for an accurate landmark if not in a race.

In the first half of the Green loop the 2 balance logs are allowed, this is the "A" Line.

30metres into the start of the blue section the course takes the right fork, go left if you like but its longer. Course uses the current black section with Management trail return back to Blue loop Note: further track is planned for the future when finances are available

At the end of the Blue section Do Not cross straight over the Management trail into the Green loop. You go right and ride up the Management trail and switch back at the sign post into the green loop.

At the end of the Green loop turn left and ride over to the Boundary Management Trail and turn right onto it. Follow the Boundary Trail back to the start.

Rank Name Date HH:MM:SS Sound Bite
1 Antsonline 31 Dec 11 00:23:58 The New Full Lap
2 mike95 10 Aug 13 00:24:24 Mt Annan Enduro hot lap
3 StanTheMan 1 Oct 12 00:30:31 mach 3 down Bull Head
4 craked 8 Sep 11 00:31:29 fun day
5 Bikeboy 23 Nov 12 00:33:16 pushed every bit
6 jbsp1 26 Sep 12 00:33:45 First time ride here
7 PeterPan 13 Jul 13 00:36:09 Shimano GP#4
8 Hasbeen Racing 24 Mar 12 00:37:37 First try for a time
9 ChopStiR 3 Dec 11 00:49:30 PB from 6+6 Dec 2011

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