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By Black Flash - Posted on 08 January 2012

8 Jan 12
Manly Dam 2 Laps

Was hoping for a sub 30 first lap, but lost too much time between the 19th hole and the labs... Ended up with a 31 even. Found a better rhythm for my second lap, but was pretty well knackered.

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That's a great time mate. I'd be absolutely stoked with that result and it’ll be damn hard for others to beat Eye-wink

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Dont get me wrong, im very stoked! Its 3 mins better than my best time about a year ago. I think that because the Dam has been soooo wet for most of 2011, not riding it has taken its toll on my fitness. Mind you, there are a lot of bigger ruts that have formed which makes finding a smooth line very hard. The single track parts seem to be deeper than ever, the cobblestones are like small mountains compared to this time last year. Or then again, maybe ive seen a bit too much of the Terrey Hills trails and im getting soft...
But one things for sure - Gazza has put in one hell of a ripper to be under an hour!

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... before I'm comfortable with tackling Manly Dam after my 12 weeks out, gotta get the lower back back in shape first. I always feel beaten up the first few times I go do laps there. LOL!

One thing's for sure, it's a great workout and your whole body knows about it after you've done a few laps. Smiling

That's an awesome time nonetheless BF. Hope to see you on the trails soon Smiling

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I completely agree with your comments about the track. Those "mountains" you're talking about are shocking I hate that section. I ride the dam as it's my local but it comes at a huge cost... in 18 months I've blown my specialized rear shock & brain resulting in a $500 rebuild by specialized in Melbourne, rear wheel destroyed beyound repair and this weekend my headset has given up the ghost. Almost makes me not want to ride around the dam as each lap is costing me serious dough. I'm also partly to blame as I ride my XC bike like an all mountain bike but then again I didn't spend $4k for a delicate ornament either!

Anyway, enough of my ranting and raving congrats once again Eye-wink

Actually, think I might start a blog on "what the dam has cost you?"

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