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Tired Legs

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By Brian - Posted on 08 January 2012

8 Jan 12

I won't claim a PB as its my first attempt Eye-wink

My legs were tired after a big week of riding for me. This week I clocked up 330km and 5,086m of climbing which normally would take me a month to do. Well, back to work tomorrow sitting behind a desk Sad

PS. This was on the RZ140.

Lap 2

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Now if you were fresh - do you think a sub 30 would be on the cards?
I hit the Dam today and was slower than i wanted to be too...

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Not at this stage for me. See how I go this year though Eye-wink

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I will plan a belting of the loop over the next few weeks. If all goes to plan i'll do a comparison of many of the Hotlaps with a blat on a new 29er... When ever it gets here.... Its already 6 weeks overdue...

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New 29er. HT or FS

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No clues just yet - but cool pics to be posted when its ready...

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I wonder what it could be Eye-wink

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But you never know...

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But he'd have to kill me if I told you Eye-wink

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Its a secret...

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great effort Brian - especially after your ride yesterday.

Looks like I need to try a little harder.

30 mins is looking breakable the way the records are falling.

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