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Any good rides around Camden Head?

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By Volker - Posted on 20 January 2012

Hi, I'll be spending the AustraliaANZAC day long weekend around Camden Head. Should I be taking my MTB along? Can anybody point me to some information on good XC tracks, more on the long side but not too technical?


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Appin, Camden river run (Kessel run) and Mount Annan are all in the area. Have a look under the rides tab at the top of the page for details on location.

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Thanks, Pete and apologies for not checking the Rides tab first. I had assumed this to be too far north to find any rides here Smiling. I had read some old forum posts but the links provided there did not seem to work any longer.

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Camden head looks like its about an hour north from Kirrawak, but is probably closer to the tracks used in the Bottlebutt???

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Camden Head is very different to Camden. You are in luck though - stacks of trails up that way.

Craked was up there over Christmas / New Year, have a reado his blog below for some insights.

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Oops Sorry!

I presumed it was near Camden. Ignore my last post.

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You had me fooled there for a moment, but indeed Camded Head and Camden River are a bit in a different spot Smiling.

I'll have a look at the new leads! Many thanks!

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