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Beware: Graphic Image

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By Hans - Posted on 07 February 2012

$$ Beware $$: The price of riding muddy trails in Sydney = $ 180 to clean out & rebuild the freehub and bearings on my only 6 months old Easton wheels. The freehub was all jammed up with gunk & rust and the 2 of the 4 bearings busted...

Sad Ouch. Might stick to the road for now till the end of the rain season....(Sydney has now moved into the tropics)

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i have the same hub on my havoc's and service them myself. I can do a set of bearings on both front and rears for under $10 look on the easton website for full instructions on how to service your wheels.
Does help when your old place of employment is in bearings. but you should be able to pick up a full set for about $30
a tip. Just above the pawls is a seal that is meant to keep out the shite. replace this with an oring and your hub will stay nice and clean. use grease instead of oil though otherwise it will slowly weep out.

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Hans, does that have anything to do with that salt water ride you did with, I think Hawkeye, a month or two ago?

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Nope, no salt water did ever touch my beast (only my own hard earned sweat...) - I carried my bike all the way across the muddy tidal flats at Pittwater.

I only ever wash my stead with either Evian, double distilled water or holy water dispensed at the Sunday Church service, as instructed by the Church of Santa Cruz.

I know that you have an aversion to Carbon, but that's the washing standard routine for this rare material, compared to the high pressure hose for your old American clunkers Smiling

When will we see you on the trail again? Eye-wink

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And here I was thinking you'd gone all hipster fixie on me, when it was just a dodgy Easton hub Eye-wink

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But Hans, I love my carbon, the Viper is the most fun bike I own to ride, if only it were a smidge longer in the cockpit. When I go N-2 +1, the +1 will more likely than not be a CF 29er hardtail, just need to knock over a rich relative or something first.

As for going on the trails, well its fortunate that my hiatus from riding has corresponded with Sydney's wettest summer for years. Too much on my plate for any serious regular rides but should be in a position to start night rides again in a couple of weeks.

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That's been rusting for a while........

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