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Capital Punishment 2012 Take2

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By Brian - Posted on 08 March 2012

Saturday, 28 April, 2012 (All day)
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Kowen Forest
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Majura Pines
Ride Database Entry: 
Sparrow Hill
Ride Database Entry: 
Stromlo Forest Park
Meeting Point: 

The Ride Canberra site describes the main forest entrance as being the corner of Kowan Road and Sutton Roads. There is a parking area 5km into the forest along Kowan road with gates that may be locked. Call Canberra Connect (13 22 81) for the combinations or ride from Sutton Road for a warm up.


Round 2 of 2012 XCM Series

Capital Punishment in Canberra, another chance to tear your legs off.

Capital Punishment is a 50km and 100km mountain bike enduro.

This event has a huge amount of fantastic single track, is well marked and groomed and makes for a super fun and thrilling ride.

The 2012 course will be substantially the same as the 2011 course.

The 100km course will start at Kowen Forest on the Kings Highway side near Sparrow Hill. After experiencing the excellent but little known Kowen Forest tracks you then head through private land (you cannot access this at any other time other than during the event) and to the famous Majura Pines for a whole lot of "whoops" and excited hollers before heading to Black Mountain, past the Cork Plantation and into the world class Mt Stromlo tracks.

The 50km course will join the course at Campbell Park Offices, Northcott Drive, Ainslie and head into the Majura Pines.

NOTE: You may only ride a mountain bike along formed fire roads within the Nature Parks of Canberra. Walking tracks or any other narrow tracks may not be ridden unless they are also signposted as cycling trails.

Who's in?
Lach, jp, scottm8, Brian, linco, unclebullbar, staffe, jdb, Antsonline, Dicko, Logan, Fatboy, ae93gti, daveh, davids, Exxodus, p2tx8, Tommy, Faber, morrisan1, AdrianG, Jubas (22 riders)
Lach jp scottm8 Brian linco unclebullbar staffe jdb Antsonline Dicko Logan Fatboy ae93gti daveh davids Exxodus p2tx8 Tommy Faber morrisan1 AdrianG Jubas
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Antsonline Capital Punishment - 100km Finished Elite
Lach 50 is the go Finished 02:44:26 358 50Km/Male/Masters 25
Dicko Capital Punishment 2012 - 100km Finished 04:10:31 54 100Km/Male/Masters 5
daveh Capital Punishment 2012 Finished 04:24:50 109 100Km/Male/Open 52
doc Capital Punishment 100 Finished 04:25:02 114 100Km/Male/Masters 21
Brian 2012 Capital Punishment Finished 04:37:25 163 100Km/Male/Open 82
staffe Capital Punishment 2012 Finished 04:39:21 177 100Km/Male/Masters 39
Tommy Capital Punishment 2012 Finished 05:55:38 594 164

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Brian's picture

With the Wombat 100 on the 22/04, the Capital Punishment on the 28/04 and the Convict 100 on the 05/05 that will be 3 x 100km Enduros in 3 states* in 3 weekends**

*I know the ACT is not a state but it sounds cool Sticking out tongue
**Technically its in the space of 2 weeks Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

I'll try and do all three.
Should be good training in preparation for a four week trip to Alice Springs, incorporating the Red Centre Enduro.
I'm driving to Alice so that'll be a few km's clocked up in April/May!

Logan's picture

Gonna try and do all 3 as well, just got to sort a leave pass or 3.

Similar to Gazza, awesome prep for my Euro trip in August.

Antsonline's picture

Myself and Jenny are in for the triple-header too.

I've heard from a couple of sources that the Willo will be the week after the Convict. 4 races anyone?

GAZZA's picture

Just realized I'll be setting off to Alice Springs on or around the 21st April!!!
I'll be gone for about 5 weeks!
Mind you, 20hrs a week on the bike with Darvo in Alice followed by a 5 day stage race isn't gonna do my riding any harm.
Just wish I could have done these Marathons also!

p2tx8's picture

Hi guys,
This is goona be my first race ever, I know that this question has been asked hundred if not thousands of times, but, any recommendations?

philberesford's picture

Going by Brian, Logan, Gaz and Ants the recommendation is to do all three!

Logan's picture

Just time limited and have other commitments around NSW Open Racing.

daveh's picture

My family would normally accompany me to Canberra so there's no issue with drop off/pick-up. That won;t be the case and so it's just occurred to me why point to point races can be a pain! I note that they have a mini-bus with bike trailer but they unfortunately say that it's first come/first served and that pretty much means you're stuffed if you miss out. Does anyone have any experience with this service?

If that's not a reliable option, anyone else heading down solo and in a similar situation? Keen to see if I can work out something with someone else. I aim to finish in around 5 to 5.5 hours but would obviously be happy to wait round for a short while for someone who is slightly slower. Especially considering that a bad day means that they could always be waiting a short while for me!

Dicko's picture


Just ride back to the car when your finished Eye-wink

It's good training for the dirt works the following week.

daveh's picture

Thanks Dicko, glad someone's thinking. I don't even have the excuse of Dirtworks the following weekend as I have no ticket as yet. Was actually just looking at the distance for doing exactly that. Only 37 km but I really don't fancy riding on the side of Kings Highway near Kowen. Driving back to Sydney after the race so was keen to get back to the car ASAP.

BTW, sounds like Buller was got the guys doing plenty of climbing apparently!

Jubas's picture

Relatively new to NobMob - long time lurker though..

I'll be heading down for the 50km event solo.. am looking forward to it!

Brian's picture

Did everyone read the below email sent tonight. Registrations and the presentations/after party are no longer at the Crowne Plaza. I can't believe these guys, I'm sure there are other people who booked there to make it nice and simple Sad

Antsonline's picture

I've gotta say that I agree Brian. I am sooo thankful that I didnt book the accom earlier. If I had to think about anyone other than myself, I'd be spewing!

Point to piont races are a total PITA at the best of times, moving the venues two weeks out is not ideal.

On the plus side, they are using the Mont tracks now at the start of the race.
To be honest, given Stromlo is wrecked at the moment, and all the reason for the 'neutral section' is to get you over to Stromlo, I think they should have rethought the whole thing, cut the Stromlo finish, and had it all around Kowan, Majura, and Sparrow. It wouldnt need to be a Point to Point then, and would be 100% easier for all.

But, for some reason, we have to be subjected to yet another wiggly ascent up Stromlo only to decsend the same rutted out Luge track that we always do. Yawn.

(disclaimer - I'm in a bad mood)

Brian's picture

Yes at this stage, I think this will be my first and last CP

On another note, at least the weather forecast is improving for Woodend Smiling

Logan's picture

Just gonna turn up and race, yeah some of it maybe far from ideal but it is what it is.

daveh's picture

Like the idea of a loop which includes more of Kowan but gotta say that I actually enjoyed CP last year despite the issues that I caused myself. The point to point is going to suck a bit more this year since I'm going down solo so will need to get the mini-bus back to Kowan (no, I'm not going to ride back TYVM!). Was going to stay at Crowne to be near the action but thankfully haven't booked so Best Western at Queanbeyan it is and then back to Sydney after the race.

Looking forward to it.

Bikes's picture

I've got a 100km ticket for sale if anyone is after one. PM me.


Brian's picture

Below is the latest email sent tonight

Brian's picture

Make sure you check out there website. The timing chip looks very bizarre and you need to see the instructions on how to fit it.

Also, its looking to be 4 degrees when we start getting to 17 max. I'm thinking a jersey, arm warmers and wind vest. Will this me too much or little for race conditions???

Antsonline's picture

I saw that timing chip - bizarro! I'll be putting mine on behind the number board, rather than infront. It literally can make no difference. I dont want it snagged on branches or flapping around.

4 degrees is very cold, but from my times racing back in 'blighty, its fine to wear a jersey with a good under jersey, and arm warmers.
I am alway reluctant to wear a vest, as it limits access to rear pockets, flaps when un-zipped, and generally get very hot quite quickly. Its also a nightmare to remove if you are running a camelbak.

A good warm-up, and then stripping off as late as possible. If its really nippy, wear a cheap black bin-bag (with holes cut in it for head, and arms) on the start line, and whip it off at the last minute, giving it to a spectator to bin.

Its always wam in the woods. Its just on the exposed sections that it will be colder - so the startline will feel artificially cold I think, before warming up quickly.

philberesford's picture

Brian, If it were me then I'd probably wear longs, half bib and a long sleeve jersey. A wind vest would just get in the way and take up precious room in the jersey pockets when it's no longer needed. And you can always roll up the sleeves on the jersey. I suspect this will be my race outfit for DW too.

Brian's picture

The forecast start temp has dropped to 1 degree. That's colder than the Mont temps.

Brian's picture

Below is the mix of riders per category. Male & Female are combined
100 Elite - 42
100km Open - 566
100km Single Speed - 26
100km Super Vets - 100
100km Veteran - 321
50km Junior - 26
50km Open - 502
50km Single Speed - 9
50km Super Vets - 109
50km Veteran - 336

Antsonline's picture

Well - the Elite male start list is basically the cream of Aus MTB (excluding the 4 or so who are overseas), so that will be nice.

For all the Sydney based riders, a few tips for Stromlo - follow a local up the hill (and copy their 'lines' / shortcuts) and get in front of them coming down the hill - to minimise their local knowledge and ability to gain 1min on you over 5km, having ridden for 95km together....

Hope everyone has a good race, make sure you warm up properly!!!

Lach's picture

but as a Sydney based rider, how do I know if the guy / gal in front of me is a Canberran? (no doubt someone will be along with a public servant joke soon enough, but not me 'coz I used to be one - unfortunately, it was before they built all the great sniggle down there).

Anyway, odds are that IF I'm able to follow them up the hill, they haven't got much of clue anyway Smiling

And how do you warm up in those sort of temperatures? I'm losing the circulation in my fingers working in my home office with the heater on today (in Sydney). Riding for half an hour before the start is not an option (don't want to waste precious energy). I think my plan will be to sit in the car with the engine / heater on until as late as possible. Just hope they provide some separation on the wave starts so I can cut in late.

And while I think of it, why is the 50 starting at the same freezing hour as the 100? I'm sure you elites would love the prospect of catching up to a few hundred of us 50km riders struggling up the the Stromlo ascent if we were able to start say at 9.00am and you were dicing for podium spots. No?

I did the first lap of an 8 hr race at Sparrow a few years go when it was below zero and my feet were like blocks of concrete for most of the lap, and I was way overdressed for the temps for later in the day. At least in that format, I could dress down as the day warmed up, without stopping to take stuff off. Not sure yet just what I'm going to wear / carry for this one....

daveh's picture

I heat up reasonably quickly and it would be a pain to have to stop and undress before the first water stop so it's going to be arm warmers only and a cup of concrete for me. Oh, that and Lach's idea of sitting in the car with the heater running until the last moment! I didn't find the climb up Stromlo too bad last year but of by then I actually had a seat so everything seemed good.

Ants, great suggestions for those at the pointy end up but if I'm worried about 1 minute then I've obviously done a lot better than I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams and will be happy with wherever I am! Best of luck to all though, enjoy the race.

Discodan's picture

Armwarmers and neoprene booties covers, everything else will warm up pretty quickly once you start in my limited experience

Brian's picture

I'll be wearing shoe covers. With your lungs and legs demanding so much your feet can absolutely freeze.

Jubas's picture

I'm going to go with a base layer and short sleeve jersey, combined with arm warmers, and slightly longer length knicks. I hadn't really thought about my feet to be honest - hopefully my nice snug shoes will keep them warm!

Antsonline's picture

Here's a secret tip that I have lived by since I was a skinny lad riding my bike in the UK and didnt have money for over-shoes etc.

Take a 3inch squared piece of kitchen foil / aluminium foil. Place it around your socks at the toe end, covering the tops evenly with the bottoms.
Carefully / slowly - push your foot into your shoe.

Hey presto - never get cold toes again. You wont feel and 'crinkle' after the first time you push into the shoe, its water proof, doesnt hold / retain water if you go into puddles, and weighs nothing.
I (and Jenny) will be doing exactly that on the weekend.

Overshoes are a drama on an MTB, for many reasons.

Brian's picture

Thanks for that. I'm packing the foil Eye-wink

philberesford's picture

Nice one Ants Smiling

Lach's picture

... than my thick red holeproof explorer socks!!

VTSS350's picture

@ Lach

Alot of the top 100k riders catch the 50kers. Happens all the time!

You wouldnt want the 100k riders catching all the 50kers. Its almost impossible to pass in the single track.

The start times are perfect as they are!

Fatboy's picture

Awesome idea on the foil there @antsonline!

I was thinking booties and about 5 layers at the start but as I'll have my own mobile spectators (wife & kids) thought I'd shed layers as I go. I assume no outside assistance means I can't accept anything from the @Fatboy support crew but discarding my empty Gu packs with the odd jacket or booty attached would be the same as throwing your waste in the garbage bin riding past wouldn't it?

Discodan's picture
Lach's picture

Understand, but with the current start times in this event, the 50's being "caught" will be at the back end (4 hrs plus) and should be a bit thin on the ground and relatively happy to get out of the way (and watch an elite go past!!). With a 9.00 am start (much more civilised for the 50's), the 100 elites would be hitting the bulk of the 50's field, with much more traffic to get through and plenty of guys who fancy their ability. And on pretty much guaranteed sniggle on Mt Stromlo.

I know I'm arguing against myself in all that, but maybe the real answer is a later start for all and a tougher cut off time for the 100's so they all get back in daylight???

Lach's picture

I can't seem to open up the competitor briefing or indemnity from off the web site or the e mail links.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Anyone able to post up a copy of the indemnity form??

GAZZA's picture

Yep, I've always used the corner of a plastic shopping bag to stop the elements from getting to the toes but foil makes perfect sense.
I'll give that a go next time. ( not that Aussie conditions require it that often.)
Good luck to all racing at the weekend.

Fatboy's picture

Tough day out for some.

I bought my son his first bike a couple of weeks ago for his birthday then entered him in the 2km race today for 4 & 5 year olds. My son Lachy was the only one in the race with training wheels on but I knew his legs would make up for his inexperience. Off they went up the fire road and he cleared out looking invincible. A tight left onto the narrow single track and he was looking great until next moment he was stationary but his little legs were going like pistons. The track was so narrow his training wheels were running on the grass next to the track keeping his back wheel elevated and spinning freely. Mum ran over and had to push then had to keep it up for the next 2km.

So tonight I feel fresh after my 100km while Mrs Fatboy is laid up exhausted...

Dicko's picture

I saw the kids start off just as I was leaving - they looked like they were having great fun !

Missed you today mate - was looking out for you at the finish but didn't see you.

Perfect day for a mtb race ! sounds like you had a good day out.


Fatboy's picture

Yeh enjoyed the day Dicko. Thought I caught a glimpse of you before the start. I had an incident free day so nothing to report other than I really enjoyed those first 40km of sniggle. The trip from Majura to Stromlo was boring then it was grit the teeth for the climb up Stromlo with nothing left in the tank. That ride back down makes for a whoopie great time!

I expect to see your name in the top 50!

Antsonline's picture

I have fears for the results to be honest, but I have done a write-up of the race from my perspective.

Get yourself a cup of tea - my verbose nature took over again!

Hope you enjoy.

daveh's picture

Official results are up, Ants, top 10 in what seems to be a pretty damn fast race, well done!

Fatboy's picture

I tried @antsonline's aluminum foil in the shoe thing. Took my shoes off at the end to find foil had broken up into little pieces.

Antsonline's picture

But - were your feet cold? I bet they werent!!

Yes - I have tiny bits of foil all over the place now too. It always happens. Wont be needing it for the Convict this weekend...

Nice to see the results are up.
Top 10 - meh. I was in the lead group of 10 and was successful in coming last!
To be honest, I had a few mins off the bike a couple of time stretching with cramp etc - so its not all bad.
This weekend will be different....

Brian's picture

They're obviously still fixing results as I've dropped a place in my category

tate's picture

top 10 is still an awesome result anthony, and definitely an improvement on last year.
good luck this weekend. hopefully you come up with a way to keep cramps away. If i remember correctly you cramped at last years dirtworks on the womerah range climb?

davids's picture

I did the 50 km- my 1st race- and really enjoyed it. Organization and the course were both excwellent.
A question on race etiquette: I was one of the slower in the 50 km (Time 3:50, 730th plce) and understand fully that means letting the Elite 100 km that caught up at Stromlo to pass. I pulled to the side every time to let an Elite pass on the single track. But what is the deal when it becomes too dangerous on a narrow single track, and also when it frequently means coming to a dead stop to let the rider behind pass? (and hence lose valuable time). An elite and I had one near prang which was avoidable if the passing had been delayed for say 50 metres.

Any thoughts from experienced racers welcome.

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