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Mount Canobolas Area

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This is a large area of forest with a lot of fire and management trails that are great to explore. It also has some big hills.

Meeting Point: 

There are various possible meeting points. One is near the bottom of Mitchells Way.

Mitchells Way and Grenfell-Orange Rd, Canobolas, NSW
Full Description: 

This area includes:

  • Glenwood State Forest.
  • Canobolas State Forest.
  • Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area.

A lot of this area includes pine forest but there are some nice sections through native vegetation too.

The peak of Mt Canobolas (the highest point) is 1395m above sea level.

Due to big hills and the size of this area it is a good idea to plan your ride and take food, clothing and maps. It is usually quite a bit colder and sometimes wetter around the top of these hills too.

Other possible meeting points are:

  • The tea house
  • The pinnacle car park (the highest point on pinnacle rd)
  • Federal Falls Picnic Area
  • Four Mile Creek (to explore the southern end of the forest)
  • The summit of Mt Canobolas (though I think it's better to end your ride on a downhill)

There are toilets at the summit of Mt Canobolas. There are also toilets at Federal Falls picnic area on Towac Way. There are water tanks in these two locations but I believe there are signs advising not to drink it.

Depending on rainfall levels there may be water in creeks etc. It is up to individual discretion whether you think it's drinkable or not but the chance of pollution from human activities is there.

At the bottom of the mountain on the Orange side (corner of Mt Canobolas Rd and Pinnacle Rd) there is the Mountain Tea House. If it's open it's a great spot for a warm cup of tea/coffee to escape the cold. You can get meals there too.

Ride Profiles Here
Mitchells Way - Gum Ridge loop
Mitchells Way - Gum Ridge loop (20.70Km)

From the bottom of Mitchell's Way we climbed up to Gum Ridge then back through the pines.

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