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Riley's Mountain Trail

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Status: Unknown
3 for 6.2km (99%)
Single Track - Enclosed:
1 for 0.1km (1%)
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An out and back ride with lookouts, climbs and one of the funnest downhill run of water bars I have ever ridden.

Meeting Point: 

Trail Head is at the end of Fairlight Rd, 2km of dirt road.

Alternative meeting locations can be Mulgoa Shops and Mulgoa Park

-33.8193736597896,150.618657236919(Trail Head)
Full Description: 

Riley's Mountain Trail is 5.1km in length and part of the Blue Mountains National Park. Riley's Mountain Trail is located on the eastern side of the Nepean River and is located in Mulgoa, part of the Penrith region.

It is important to note that Riley's Mountain Trail is often ridden by Horses. Horses are easily startled and the utmost care should be taken, even the slowest of riding can spook a horse. If approaching head on, it is advised to come to a complete stop and dismount, say hello and wait for them to pass. If approaching from the rear, try to gain their attention from a safe distance, they will hopefully pull off to the side for you to pass. It is recommended this is done by walking your bike. Note, a startled horse will always run for the high ground. Always try to pass on the low side or you could find yourself barreled over.

Straight from go you can find The Rock Lookout less than 200m from the trail head, but this is not on Riley's Mountain Trail. Just take the left fork at the start to check it out.

Riley's Mountain Trail takes a right turn just inside from the trail head. You will find a mixture of climbs, descents, sand and rock that makes for an interesting ride.

After a good series of climbs you will find yourself halfway and on top of Riley's Mountain and a short track leads out onto Riley's Mountain Lookout. The fog over Euroka Clearing can be seen on a early morning ride just over the first ridge.

Continuing on the trail starts descending, easy to begin with but will soon become steep, loose and eroded. Take Care especially nearing the bottom when the trail takes a hard left.

You will now find yourself riding parallel to Private property fence, continue on but DONT ride to the end. The last Kilometre turns into a steep and loose decent that will have you either coming off your bike or face planting into a gate with a private property sign on it.

Instead you make a left at the Nepean Narrows Lookdown and enjoy a Kilometre of track to a fantastic view looking down the river into Penrith Valley. You have now reached the end.

Return trip highlights are descending from Riley's Mountain especially the last downhill section loaded with water bars that never gets to steep.

If 10kms isn't enough, do it twice or better yet. Start from Mulgoa shops or Community Centre and ride the full Fairlight Rd. This will add an extra 16km overall and a tough climb.

Note: It is NOT recommended to night ride here, the trail head is regularly vandalised and used for Drugs and Alcohol


Closest water and food is located at Mulgoa Shops, Grab your post ride pie here.

Facilities/Points of Interest
Riley's Mountain Trail Head

Riley's Mountain Trail Head is found at the end of Fairlight Rd (last 2km is dirt road)

Nepean Narrows Lookdown

The Nepean Narrows Lookdown is the furthest point from the trail head. The lookout offers a view on the Nepean River exiting the Mountains and into the Nepean Valley.

Riley's Mountain Lookout

Riley's Mountain Lookout has a 180° panorama looking west over the Blue Mountains. Directly below is views of the Nepean River. Directly across just over the first ridge is Euroka camping and picnic ground.

The Rock Lookout

The Rock Lookout. At the Trail head. Go Straight for roughly 100m. You will find a short walking track on the left that will bring you to The Rock Lookout.

Mulgoa Park carpark

A small carpark is available at Mulgoa Park

Mulgoa Shops Parking

Car parking is available at Mulgoa Shops

Trail Head Parking

Plenty of parking is available at the Rileys Mountain Trail Head.

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Riley's mountain trail. Fairlight road . Mulgoa. 7 years 6 weeks ago

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