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29ers can climb well

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By tate - Posted on 29 May 2012

1 Apr 12

Went to focus on the 2-4min climbs rather than the 10min ones I generally target on the road. Cascades is full of these and makes for an awesome training ground with so many hills in such a small area.

This one takes the cake in the area for steepness and rockiness.

I think I'm going to have to get off my ass and have another crack this weekend.

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I now own a 29er !
Might have a crack when I get back in town?

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Given I left my lungs in a puddle at the top of that climb to do it 1m slower I'm super impressed

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It will be a good 12 months till I'm able to tackle that hill with pace...

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Sigh. I remember when I held KOM on this climb Eye-wink

Awesome time, it's really rocky at the moment too.

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