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I love my Stumpy!

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By Warthog - Posted on 07 November 2012

7 Nov 12
Manly Dam 2 Laps

Last training ride for the Fling but probably overdid it a bit.

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Now thats quick for back to back laps !

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R u serious two laps at 27 odd mins??? suddenly my Fling prep looks underdone - congrats!

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That's quick!

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Well done. At least you're not in my category Smiling

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Job well done. Thats insane......

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Imagine if you got a real bike'd be even quicker.....LOL

Joking. Laughing out loud

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I know another freak who did a 55min double lap several years ago

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totally out of reach. Well done.

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... of pseudoephedrine in that thread, Nick R. LOL! I periodically set some of my best pre-strava segment times (eg Parriwi Rd climb) when still on that stuff while recovering from the usual winter colds.

Considering how crap I feel these days first time back on the bike and how slow I am after a cold , it's no surprise that stuff is a banned PED! (Had to find a herbal alternative (thankyou Blackmores) because the Codral substitutes these days are shite stopping the congestion, and the real deal grants me compulsory membership of The Universal League of Ceiling Starers).

OK, back to normal programming....

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