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Highland fling ride alternatives

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By DoisforDonuts - Posted on 09 November 2012

Hi all,
I will be accompanying a friend who in turn is accompanying a friend who is racing at the Fling. I was hoping to be able to ride while we wait for the racing friend to finish, but looking at the course map and not being to familiar with the area I'm not sure if this is possible.
Does anyone know if this is practical? My other option was driving back towards Welby and spending the morning riding the trails there.

Suggestions to alternative riding in the area is much appreciated.

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you can pay to do a casual ride of the course shown by a guide or ride down the rd they take off on for about 10-15kms then turn around & head back to the parking area & wait for the 50kers to come in . Just check with Huw first or a marshall . You can't get lost on the track , just don't try to do it all ...

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Hey thanks, are you thinking about the casual fling?
We're keen on doing something a bit longer that but I'll one of the organizers on the Saturday (if they're not too busy!)

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I won't be there this year but it is worth a shot after the last of the 50kers head out follow them for a bit then turn around & head back , I would do it if I was heading down that way for the day ..

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Have been looking at a map of the area I bought last year (just remembered I had it) and I think that might work. Hope we don't piss anybody off. Wish us luck.

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