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Daddie's new babies

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By Matt - Posted on 18 December 2007

You wait months... then two new babies turn up at once ;-}

I have a magic new 2008 Heckler replacement frame, but I won't be riding it much soon due to the real baby that turned up last Sunday. Say hello to our little Phoebe Elizabeth Morrison, who has been making cycling motions with her little legs already, clever girl! Needless to say I am a very proud, if tired, Dad.

See you soon(ish..),

Stuart M's picture

I know all your hard work was done a couple of months back but know the joy starts. She's cute, must look like mum hey, whom I presume is doing well.

pikey's picture

Man oh man if your misses reads this your in deep KaKa! as for the next three years, lots of it, brown vegemite type kaka.

Congratulations Matt to you and your wife with the delivery of your beautiful new daughter.
Yes a bike rider she will be.

My kids and I look forward to joining you both on the trails in 7 years or so.


Greg Smiling

Caro's picture

Glad to hear you are happy and all three of you are well!
And no favourites between the two new babies! You will love them both equally Eye-wink!
All the best,

GAZZA's picture

do they make nobmob jerseys that small? So when's the public viewing of bike and baby?

Bruce's picture

They both look perfect, you must be the happiest man alive!

Paul's picture

Matt congrats, but you forgot the important details like length, weight, etc

GAZZA's picture

head angle and bottom bracket height! Eye-wink

Stuart M's picture

head angle will only increase and bottom bracket height is sure to get lower. But then in about 6 weeks, assuming you've got Pheobe sleeping properly by then, all should return to normal, sooner if you're a sensitive new age dad and do the night time feed yourself so mum can sleep through.

Now back to the serious posts please Eye-wink

Little-Ditty's picture

Congratulations Matt. Well done to your wife as well.

There is more at risk with your riding than just you now mate!! Eye-wink

christine's picture

congratulations to you both - and nice to see both photos made the site!
hope to see you on the trails soon - maybe if you are tired i can keep you in sight!
well done dad!

MEEE Smiling

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...for all your congrats, though honestly I didn't do any of the really hard work, and only stayed down in economy class until the really messy stuff started! Since then I've been poo'ed on wee'd on and wailed at pretty much every day, and that's just the cat... Little Phoebe is a beaut, only a week old and she can already fart like Daddy ;-}

Looking forward to getting out on the trails again some time in the not too distant future...


PS - 3.2kgs, 47cm.

Stuart M's picture

C'mon mate, if she finds out she hasn't got a mention in yet your a dead man Eye-wink

Matt's picture

She's good, very happy to have her body back to herself again, if a little more tired than I since she's the main event at our 3 hourly feeding times, day and night... Still, only 18 years to go ;-}

Stuart M's picture

A little advice from one dad to another, count the number of hairs on your head now and start saying good bye to them.

Hey, in that she's up every three hours for the feeding anyway, maybe you can join me tomorrow night for a cruise at TH

Matt's picture

However Red Hill on Sunday I might try and get to, or the STXC on Saturday, whichever suits our poo packed social calendar best ;-}

[Who didn't really have much hair in the first place anyway...]

Harry's picture

Wishing health for the new arrival and strength to mum and dad.

Little-Ditty's picture

Get along to RH on Sunday!! You know you want to. Plus you have a day or two to make up for it and build in a favour. Easy!! Smiling

evan's picture

Big Congrats to you and the Missus on the baby.

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