You are hereSuprised myself with a hangover!

Suprised myself with a hangover!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 18 November 2012

18 Nov 12

Bumped into Minter at the Dam and went for an explore.
Thought we'd have a crack at this, For some reason Strava has two segments for the same climb. I'm taking the faster time of the two thankyou very much!
This KOM is going to be short lived on Nobmob as i know that Minter is not the only rider on here yet to post his faster time than mine!

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I don't know which one to post, so leave it up to strava...

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My vote is with Quarry Climb - creek to gate

Near as I can tell this one is closest to the description in the Hot Laps. "Creek to gate: Quarry Climb Belrose" looks like it finishes well short of the gate. Strava does some weird things with some times...err...sometimes.

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