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pushed every bit

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By Bikeboy - Posted on 23 November 2012

23 Nov 12

Went hard , no warm up lap and perfect conditions .
Felt great and feel like training is starting to kick in .
Pre ride nutrition sorted for next weeks Jetblack 24 ,Mangos will be there

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used to work years a go with a Fijian Indian Muslim who used to load up on them before he had to fast during the hot daylight hours in Ramadhn.

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what time were you out there there were a few cars out there when I was there & a few more after I finished or did you ride in ?

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After work at 5:30 till around 6:20 ish .
Parked outside the old entrance and rode in
Only saw two other riders

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errr....dont ever admitnto that in pubick

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Membership allows you to be there from sunrise til sunset : )

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