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Awaba 8hr fast lap.

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By Ian_A - Posted on 26 November 2012

25 Nov 12

Lap 2 of the Awaba 8hr in team BMORC. Not a bad effort. Time from official race timing.

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thatts a cracking pace Ian ,well done and such consistancy too.

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Thanks Craig. I saw you come through transition, and you had a doppelganger who I though was you but carrying a bit too much weight, but didn't manage to catch up. Noticed you on a HT? how'd it handle the descents? My team mate test rode a XTC carbon and said it was faster than his 26" dually.

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the descents were fairly rugged on the HT but overall it was faster than my dually.

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Well done. What bike were you riding?

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Thanks Flynny.
I was on a redy/browny Trek Remedy with 160mm 36's on it Brian. I had the BMORC jersey on for at least 2 of my laps then swapped it when it was saturated.

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