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By stefan43 - Posted on 17 December 2012

hi all,
heading to thredbo for the first time ever this christmas and just wondering what sort of XC tracks there are on the mountain itself. I've obviously had a look at the trail map and it seems the only ones rideable on an XC bike (100mm front and back) would be the new Kosciuszko Flow Trail and possibly the Merrits Traverse (and that one says guided tours only).
i don't mind the occasional hike a bike section but if it gets any harder than say the 'bunnings' trail here in sydney then i know it's not for me.
Also, and this is probably the more important question, are there any access roads or trails that you could ride up? There usually are and I'm not keen on the chairlift. Having grown up in the Alps i find that going up is just as important as coming down, and i don't mind if it takes half a day to get there.

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From what I remember there aren't any trails of any great length for xc. U have the pipeline and golf course trails but they are very short and have lots of walkers on them if u don't go early.
I have ridden up the Merrits access trail ,it's very steep and not great fun on a xc bike. I think the new 7 km flow trail is open .Otherwise out to Cascade Hut or Jindy.
I'll be in Thredbo between Chrissy and new year so if u see me around on a white Trek Top Fuel with 3 kids and a wife in tow say hi. Ill be heading out for a couple of rides.

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Thredbo trails are good. Plenty of ups and downs with the golf course track lots of fun, but Lake Crackenback Resort trails are great.
Its worth a drive to check them out. They are well marked, fun and flowee, just watch out for the wombat holes and roos.

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As Beetle was saying - the XC around Thredbo is so so

Head out past dead horse gap to Cascade Hut for some good firetrails / double track and some good climbs. You can go further all the way back to Jindy if you like on these trails. Look on goggle maps you will see the trails in sat imagery. Out to cascade hut can be done easily solo - no chance of getting lost.

Checkout trails around Crackenback lodge - free to public around 10km on single / doubletrack from memory

Trails around east Jindy are supposed to be good, more techy but easily rideable on a XC bike.

Finally check out Bungarra - open to public on weekends - 20km of single track and lots of fun stuff by the looks of it. $5 donation to ride the trails.

Have fun - I will be down there also - but mainly family focused. I do want to try the Thredbo flow trail though.

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.. great advice. i'll see what i can fit in. I'm on a black Santa Cruz 26er, say hi if you see me.
will definitely do crackenback and bungarra and the cascade hut. and also try to launch a challenge on the flowtrail via the merrits traverse.
see you there.

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Did anyone see Thredbo mtb holidays on Getaway this evening?

Great bit of PR for mountain biking.

Link to ch9 web clip. Mtb part is a couple of mins into the video:-

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The below link has some handy info on trails and maps in the Snowy Mtn area

We were recently down at Thredbo and on the way back home we noticed the trails at east Jindy had been extended and well groomed, looks like a lot of work has been put into new trails in the area

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