You are hereHave you completed the NSW National Parks survey yet?

Have you completed the NSW National Parks survey yet?

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By philberesford - Posted on 20 December 2012

53% (66 votes)
Not yet
12% (15 votes)
I tried but couldn't get it to work
2% (3 votes)
What survey?
32% (40 votes)
Total votes: 124
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A survey about taking a survey - are taking the piss Phil - BTW I have done the survey and now yours!

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Maybe we need a poll if you have completed the recent poll Phil posted Sticking out tongue

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OMG Brian I hadn't thought about that, yes we need another poll to see if you've filled out the poll. Would we need another poll for the the new poll?

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When you create one just have a message, "once you've voted click here" and that can take them to the new one Eye-wink

PS. I haven't done either one as yet because the NP survey wasn't happy on the tablet so I'll have a crack at it on the weekend Smiling

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Thats just appaling, or maybe its early days. This is serious people, we all need to take some time out to do this, we need numbers.IF youve done it, legend, if not please do it today!

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There are 1000's of riders that use this site and ride on the northern beaches, do the right thing and give back a bit to the trails we love, please fill in the survey!

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Done while watching a vid with the family.

Got carried away - added 236 markers! The high number was in part caused by adding plot points for connecting trails not on the map.

'Twas fun Smiling

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I've done it and it was sooo much fun. Laughing out loud

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Is it too late?

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We have been talking with Parks about this survey for a while and the intention was to have this up for a few months.

If anyone has any issues let me know.

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Nothing Like A Good Result, but as mikethebike has listed on the Forum, it looks like the Survey, and to all the People who did vote, looks like it did actually have some significant imput to the Council, where works are going to start on the Dam, maybe we should have more of these, then finally people may listen. Well done all.

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