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Nail Can Hill, Albury, Gap Jump

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By Alex - Posted on 02 January 2008

deep gorge, decent jump and a big unforgiving drop if u miss with matching trees to navigate between on the landing, and wraught iron poles to impale urself on if you come unstuck on the take off!

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In that you are alive to post I assume you did, or didn't give it a go.

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sadly none of us attempted it we were all a bit concerned about staying limbs in tact for the following 3 days festivities!..actually alot of things i thought i would have attempted at beechworth as well i didnt in the end as it looked alot bigger and scarier in reality, and i was feeling very woosey for some reason Sad

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The only reason Bernd managed those gap jumps was that we just happened to hook up with a group of Queensland Downhillers on a guided road trip. They had one guy that was an absolute freak and everyone else was just using him to "speed check" all the bigger stuff. That said he was the only one that rode over that massive boulder with the NS on the downhill side and then into the following jumps.

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cheers, yeh choosing your speed for that stuff is hard! i personally just sessioned the little jumps down the fast white dirt line that thing was fun! we all did the short course DH fine, but i bailed everything on the freeride track practically! except those berms they were sweet Eye-wink that ladder on the big boulder looked easier on pc screen too! i was the only one not to do that, but when gilbo nearly came off at the top on his attempt, i didnt feel too bad..that thing was unforgiving, fall and splat!

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How long as The Fonz been riding with us? Eye-wink

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the fonzy has taken up mountain biking

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oops, i repeated you, my bad
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