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Get off the Bacon Fankles!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 23 January 2013

23 Jan 13

Pre breakfast hot lap.
At the beginning of a tough training block, will see how i go in a few months??
Perfect conditions round the Dam.

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Well done Gazza, thanks for giving me something to work towards!.


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So who is Frankles? for some of us newbs.....

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Fankles not Frankles. You're such a newb Sticking out tongue

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I think a better question is "where is Fankles?" Haven't heard from him for ages.

Has he been lured to the Dark Side, or has working so close to home turned him all lardy?

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He's coming back to form and fuelling up on plates of bacon to strengthen those mighty ankles.

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Thats a combination of iliteracy as well as being a Newb.....

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apart from that.....that's an awesome time. One day when I grow up.....I want to be able to get a sub 30 lap.

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haven't been out there on my newer 29er last time I was there I got in the 40's om my hardtail wonder how the dually will go , plus all the extra riding I been doing ????

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You are not allowed to be faster than me Eye-wink

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I last saw Fankles up at Awaba shoving a burger in his cake hole.

Nice time Gaz!

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Is Fankles like the Phantom ? Does he own a purple skintight jersey?

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Crazy fast time. Your legs must be part jet engine. Like Stan I'd also like a sub 30min hot lap when I grow up

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hope to get in the 26min timeframe soon.
As for Fankles, He's a Mythical creature from the past that you often see a flash of in the distance or passing rapidly the other way. You can tell it's him by looking at the area below his calves and above his shoes, If they look about the same thickness as your thighs, then thats Fankles! Eye-wink

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There were photo's of him at the recent Singletrack mind race. I also saw him toe the line at the last two rounds of the state XC series.

So Stan, you were in the same race as him recently, just didnt know it at the time.

btw thats a very respectable time for an old bloke like yourself.

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Well how about that. He is the Phantom. LOL

should get a lesson off him.....get on the bacon.

thank you for the compliment....but I didn't enter the last 2 rounds in the state XC champoinship in 2012. Although I did the first 2 rounds at The superbowl & at Fitzeroy falls. so perhaps we did race in the same race but I'm not sure if I'm worthy of your compliment. But I'll take it. Laughing out loud

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challenge accepted.... Smiling
too hot for hot laps at the moment though.

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Have seen evidence of the Phantom Fankles on Strava....KOM on Perim and Long. He moves so fast only GPS is able to track him Smiling

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