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6 seconds off sub 30...

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By Black Flash - Posted on 25 January 2013

25 Jan 13

Felt like a fang. Caught up with skippy and his mates on dh. Ran presses too high today, struggled with cornering.

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Sounds like you are back to full health.

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Still bionic... But faster up hills these days than down...

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Awesome time, great to see your recovery has/is going well... I had a nasty accident myself many years ago going fast downhill though not quite as horrific as yours... Still, a broken ankle and concussion really makes you a little more hesitant on the downs especially as you get older and wiser.

Well played, great to see Eye-wink

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Promised the other half I'd be more sensible.... Obviously there are degrees of sensible that vary from person to person. Smiling

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Slope is relative...

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