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By unicycle6869 - Posted on 20 February 2013

20 Feb 13
Cascades - Four Gates

My first time ever doing 4 gates...and yes it was on a unicycle! I'm happy with the time but know I can easily knock off 5 minutes...maybe even 10 someday.

Anyone know how much elevation climbing there is? My GPS says 373 meters and just wondering if that's accurate?

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That's a good time for two wheels.

Elevation is about right although I always call it 400M... have ridden many times and Garmin 500 generally reports over 400m ascent / descent.

How do you go over the water bars? Do you launch or just go up and over?

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Water bars aren't nearly as fun on a unicycle as on a bike. If my pedals are right I can get a little tiny air but usually just end up riding over them. But it is still fun as it's like a roller coaster ride.

BTW-After doing 4 gates, I tried to do it again but only made it to 2 gates. I'm spent. Like totally spent. That is some good training.

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1:16 is insanely quick on a unicycle.....I'm not sure if could do that on a normal bike.

I take my hat off to you sir.

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Just beat my old time by 3 minutes! Smiling Instead of creating a new hot lap I just edited this one. Was hoping I would have moved up the ladder but looks like I still need to shave off another 4 time.

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I cant even ride one, never mind ride that fast!

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You should create a new one because then you can see them here

Oh and, a great time for one wheel Smiling

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