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Mt Annan Enduro hot lap

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By mike95 - Posted on 24 June 2013

10 Aug 13

Mt Annan Full Enduro lap.
fun track.

25:50 - 10-8-2012

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Have improved my time again at Mt Annan.
Was there on Saturday morning for a social ride with a mate.
After a few showers a earlier in the week, the track was nice & tacky, with a few muddy area's but they were pretty easy to avoid.
Id say the track as far as grip goes was close to as good as it gets.

First lap out, i followed my mate for the first half of the lap to the bottom of the firetrail descent on the advanced section.
We were going at a nice pace, probably good enough for a hi 25 low 26 minute lap.

Decided to put the hammer down on the remaining fire road to the start of the blue. Pulled a nice gap, & was feeling pretty good so kept up the pace for the rest of the lap.

The magpie was back & he had 3 swoops at me, but made no contact. phew!
managed to get past a few riders without loosing much time.

did a 25:36 at the Rockytrail race a few weeks earlier with the usual race traffic.
but today was the first time into the 24's so I was very happy.


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Set a new PR? Post it as another hot lap. These build into a history for you on your profile page Smiling

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