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Jubes Mountain Bike Park

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Sydney's first of its kind; a MTB facility that's suitable both for the family as well as those out to train/have fun. Recently re-opened, it, along with OMV, has helped to turn the Upper North Shore into a place that has some genuinely good purpose built riding.

Meeting Point: 

Golden Jubilee Field, North Wahroonga. If you head down Westbrook Avenue, turn left at Esk St and turn right into the carpark. The entrance to the track is at the far northern end of the carpark.

Golden Jubilee Field, North Wahroonga, New South Wales
Full Description: 

Initially opened in late 2011 with an official ceremony, the Jubes MTB park had to be closed in February for a major redevelopment on the Pump and Flow Tracks, which has been completed by Synergy Trails (same company that designed Old Man's Valley). It has re-opened as of July '13 to be what looks like a great facility, to the extent that it seriously deserves to be separated from the North Turramurra page (, though you may as well combine the two; spending however long you wish at the the "Park" before grinding out more kms of firetrail. The location is unique in being the first of its kind (I believe) in Sydney, having been built on an old wasteland. The hard packed clay surface anticipates the tracks to last for good period of time.

There are three sections: A Skills Park, Pump Track and "Flo Track."


This is the only part that has remained unchanged since being opened. If you've been to the "Playground" at Mt Stromlo, it's the same principle as that. There are several wooden bridges of various widths (hence difficulties), a wooden berm and several rock formations to play around as much as you like. Parts (not all) are suitable for children, but others put challenge even to experienced cyclists.


Newly opened, this has several different "lines" to it and, again, is great fun for kids as well as "kids at heart." Still getting used to "pumping" but this is definitely good motivation to do so!


The first of its kind in Sydney (an urban style MTB facility), this is a joy to ride. Around 800m in length, most of it meanders downhill. With carefully manicured jumps, berms and dips, it sure makes up for lack of quantity with its quality. There's one A-line boardwalk for those who want more of a challenge, as well as a wooden berm for those who want more adrenaline. It's really good, hard packed clay with excellent drainage (the Synergy guys know their stuff!) so hopefully it remains in shape for awhile longer.


The trailhead, like Old Man's Valley has a very informative map at it.
There are normal facilities at GJF, including water and toilets.

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