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EVOC Bike Bag

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By Brian - Posted on 06 September 2013

My 29er in the EVOC bag. I did go overboard with the foam but it was my first trip

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They are a great bag. I didn't use any foam when I packed mine and it survived without any marks or misalignment of the rear derailleur.

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I travel weekly or thereabouts with mine and dont use foam. The bag comes with velco straps etc and its own padding.

Brian is just super super careful.


hawkeye's picture

What do you frequent travellers do to brace the rear triangle and forks from side impacts when the wheels are out?

Brian's picture

The wheels go in pockets besides the rear triangle and protect it.

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Our bags don't have a place to lock in the fork/brace the rear triangle, so went down to the local hardware shop and grabbed a length of 10mm diameter (or something like that) aluminium tube. It's cheap as chips.

QR15 will need bigger diameter of course Eye-wink

Then just cut a length the width of an axle and lock it in with skewers from your wheels. You shouldn't leave the skewer/axle in the wheel for shipping anyhow as it makes the axle wider and puts pressure on the wheel bag/pocket.

Of course, you could use an old hub too. Same diff.

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@brian & @dicko - do you guys leave rear dérailleur attached in the bike bag? I've been taking mine off and taping it inside rear triangle but am thinking that may be unnecessary?

Dicko's picture

I leave mine on, remove chain though - the evoc bag keeps the rear mech elevated from touching the sides r the bottom.

@hawkeye rear triangle spesh as 12mm screw in thru axle which i leave in place, then fill the rear triangle with shoes and helmet. Front forks i use a fork spacer that comes with bike when originally shipped. Easy to pick one up at the local bike store.

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If anyone is game enough to try cycling express again they have them on sale this week.

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Wiggle at the moment is $323.60 delivered to Australia. Use promo code PAYPAL20, you must pay by PayPal though.

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... mind you, the bag hasn't arrived yet...

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My bag best get here before 25th as I'm off to Tassie for some riding!

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