You are hereStarted slow but picked up the pace after a couple of kms

Started slow but picked up the pace after a couple of kms

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By Black Flash - Posted on 09 September 2013

9 Sep 13

After work playtime. Wasn't going hot lap pace as the trail was super slippery - but super fun. Sliding thru most corners. Strava didn't reset after a play in the car park, but the GPS recorded the time. Smiling

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Bullshit black flash - you were on it all the way - I could hear your breathing ;D

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That was your panting u could hear... I couldn't hear u, u were too far back... Finding more trees..
Would have been a good time if u didn't keep going on excursions...

As for myself, I was in full control about 20% of the time... The rest was about sliding thru here, sliding thru there, and surviving the brake bumps on fast corners...

Actually ride of the day was the track we did after this... Holy crap that was a big hill/ mountain... I'm sure I nearly saw flames coming out of ur brakes on the way down...

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