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Duck Holes, Centre, Perimeter, St Ives Sniggle & return

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By hawkeye - Posted on 25 September 2013

Sunday, 29 September, 2013 - 07:30
2.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it has rained on this trail today, I won't be there.
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Centre Track
Ride Database Entry: 
Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail
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Ryland & Muppets
Ride Database Entry: 
Terrey Hills / Duffys Forest
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Wildflower Garden
Meeting Point: 

Park opposite/beside Terrey Hills shops, corner Booralie Rd/Yulong Ave. Or in the small carpark next to the RFS station & community centre.

-33.682365, 151.227937 (Terrey Hills Shops)

Haven't been out on the mtb for a few weeks. It's time to take it for a spin. Smiling

Who's in?
Rob, jacojoco, naz, donkerr, StanTheMan, StevieG, Tobi Wan, Mojo Ridin, Muskboy, Trycycle (10 riders)
Rob jacojoco naz donkerr StanTheMan StevieG Tobi Wan Mojo Ridin Muskboy Trycycle
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Trycycle Elusive Emu... Good to meet some more NobMobbers and fellow noobies. Beginning to wonder though whether Hawkeye is an actual person or just someone's alter ego. Hope you're feeling better and might catch you on another ride sometime soon!

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Monday? Day off?

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I think Perimeter may be a little hard due to the track works (ending Oct 30?).. unless you have some inside knowledge..

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D'Oh! Updated to Sunday 29/9.

re: Perimeter, we can work with what's there, and/or make a call on the day

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I'll prob have to split after about 2 hrs. See you there.

Jonathan's picture

Had my wisdom teeth out a few days ago so right now its a no but maybe by sunday i should be right, hopefully at least. i could really go for a ride.

Tobi Wan's picture

i'll be in the white camry wagon (only the best car on the planet ever!)

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I'm not sure how you're gonna fit that on the singletrack Laughing out loud

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Got room for a 7th man Hawkeye?

Rob's picture

Geeze Hawkeye... you been talking this ride up or something? Eye-wink

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geez I'm going to try to make this to finally meet some NobMobbers

Tobi Wan's picture

I've got a mate who's back in town sooner than expected and he'd like to tag along if that's ok - i'll check back here before heading off..

looking forward to meeting some NobMobbers too

Brian's picture

What is it "Post it and they will come"

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I've just come down with head cold symptoms overnight so I'm out I'm afraid. Enjoy. The weather looks superb.

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I was also really hoping to get on my bike this weekend.

Might just have to post another ride next weekend Smiling

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Awesome ride today guys. Thanks for organising, Hawkeye Eye-wink

I took a few pictures of that stuff near the golf course. It's pretty nice in there, huh?

Lush Single Track

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Great to meet some more NobMobbers and some fellow noobies too! Still yet to cross paths with that elusive emu though. Not entirely sure if Hawkeye is a real person or someone else with a second profile! Hope you are feeling better and might finally sight you on another ride sometime soon.

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Nice pics & stats Rob. Thanks for take over the reins in hawkeye's absence jaco… I had a great ride. Good to meet some new faces too.

hawkeye's picture

... for stepping up. Smiling

Glad y'all had a good time. I'm not much fun when I'm sick. Like a bear with a sore head Eye-wink

Trycycle's picture

Now it all makes sense....I'll settle for meeting the namesake in lieu of the original!

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