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Duck Holes + Centre + St Ives Singletrack Return

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By hawkeye - Posted on 14 October 2013

Sunday, 20 October, 2013 - 08:00
2.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it has rained on this trail today, I won't be there.
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Centre Track
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Chiltern Track
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Duck Hole/Terrey Hills Trail
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Ryland & Muppets
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Wildflower Garden
Meeting Point: 

Park opposite/beside Terrey Hills shops, corner Booralie Rd/Yulong Ave. Or in the small carpark next to the RFS station & community centre.

-33.682365, 151.227937 (Terrey Hills Shops)

The weather forecast looks a lot better for Sunday, mid-20s. Here's a chance to check out what NPWS has fixed on the trail with Perimeter trail scheduled to be opened on Friday.

Update: since NPWS contractors haven't finished the works on Perimeter we're reverting to Duck Holes and Centre.

If there is appetite for some climbing we'll throw in Chiltern in the middle for some variety. I haven't ridden on this track previously so we can get lost together Eye-wink

Who's in?
Rob, Heckler, hawkeye, Jonathan, Rocklobber, Pete B, sikllama, rossco_, Mojo Ridin, Trycycle (10 riders)
Rob Heckler hawkeye Jonathan Rocklobber Pete B sikllama rossco_ Mojo Ridin Trycycle
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rango's picture

Round two. I'll see if I can keep up a bit better towards the end this time.

Brian's picture

I might see you out there if I decide to hit up the local trails.

sikllama's picture

Wish I could join you but I'm out of Sydney this weekend at the Kanangra Classic. From next week onwards I'm joining the 'slow bloke on a fast bike' brigade so next time for sure.

Scottboy's picture

If im allowed out to play I will show up , what was the average speed on this ride last tme or is it going to be social pace

hawkeye's picture

Pace will be moderate. First timers might find it a bit of a stretch but you'll be fine.

Distance will be in the vicinity of 30km

MY Racing 221's picture

Hawkeye just a heads up that Perimeter is still, and will remain, very closed!

I had a sneaky look last night, and the dip by the golf course is still fenced off and they have only paved about 1/3 of what they are planning to. LOTS of work still to be done, I'd expect perhaps another 6 weeks at the current rate of travel...

hawkeye's picture

Thanks for the heads up. Duck Hole & Centre again then.

kitttheknightrider's picture

John I think Duck and Centre will be out as well. I was up there today and McCarrs Ck Rd was closed at the Thai restaurant. The guy on the barricade said I was told it will be closed all weekend with them working on it "even on Sunday". I was told it was closed all the way down to the "west head turn off" which means even if you come into Duck Holes at the top, not the RFS, you have no way of getting up to Centre track and the only way out is climbing back up Duck Holes and then the sniggle. More on the road works here

You can still do L & P. Go in at the start, come ot at the Jap school and ride the road to the end of Perimeter. Come in there either on the fire trail or the sniggle. Ride back to the closure, then back out to Long, Lookout, and back out the way you came. Should come in around 30km.

BTW, that dip by the golf course isn't just filled in, it's now concreted, well some of it is but there is still more to do. I wonder how long it will be before the water undermines this one and they won't be able to cross it like the other concrete causway a couple of hundred meters further on. Waste of bloody money if you ask me, not that anyone ever does

sikllama's picture

Well the kanangra classic has been cancelled for 2013 (correct decision of course with the safety concerns surrounding the fires) so I'm in.

garyinoz's picture

According to the Notification of works and the detour maps the section that should be closed at the moment is West Head Road between McCarrs and Liberator General San Martin. Are they running behind schedule or changed the order?

Stage 3 - McCarrs Creek Road, between Yulong Avenue and Liberator General San Martin Drive is proposed to be closed to traffic and detours proposed via Mona Vale Road and Pittwater Road on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 October 2013 and then on Monday 14 October and Tuesday 15 October 2013.

Stage 4 - West Head Road, between McCarrs Creek Road and Liberator General San Martin Drive is proposed to be closed to traffic and detours proposed via Liberator General San Martin Drive (i.e.Akuna Bay) from Wednesday 16 October to Friday 18 October 2013 and then from Monday 21 October 2013.

hawkeye's picture

But it sounds like the bits we need will be open over the weekend

The upside is the horrendous rough pavement going into Akuna Bay that broke my pretty road bike a few weeks ago will be replaced with nice smooth West Head style hotmix. YEAH! Laughing out loud

Anyway we'll work it out on the day. Climbing back up Duck Holes if we have to ain't so bad.

kitttheknightrider's picture

Just reporting what I was told Gary and if that is correct then no John you won't be able to get through.

That said I was back up there last night, the road was open and the sign on Mona Vale Rd said it was closed 15th - 18th so if that is correct you will be OK.

andyfev's picture

Just got back from my roadie on my MTB around McCarrs, Akuna bay and West Head... All roads open Eye-wink

sikllama's picture

Going to be a warm one tomorrow guys so bring plenty of water especially if we're going up chiltern Eye-wink also BOM have issued a 'poor air quality' alert for sydney who knows what that means but but for fit mid 30's, early 40's blokes won't be an issue right...

cambo's picture

Beat the heat. Smiling

cambo's picture

Heading up the mountains tomorrow now. The oldies live at Springwood pretty close to the fires and the weather is meant to turn ugly again. Have a good ride guys, perhaps next time for me......l

sikllama's picture

Hope all is well mate, take care.

Pete B's picture

Last minute but I'm in. Looking forward to meeting some fellow Nobmobers.

rossco_'s picture

It's a good ride after shoulder injury 3 month ago. Big push for me to get back. Cheers

hawkeye's picture

A bit of a magical mystery tour, but I'll be going back to session some of those tracks and see if I can 'clean' them. Massive kudos to PeteB for riding nearly all of them on a 80mm travel XC 29er hardtail.

Thanks to Heckler for playing tour barbie Smiling

Feeling pretty wiped out at the moment, 55km including the ride to and from the trailhead. I ran out of fluids at the end of the St Ives sniggle, but a 750ml Ice Break is helping me feel human again Eye-wink

How good is that Muppet Show trail?

sikllama's picture

Always good to ride trails for the first time - thx for the tour.

Terminator award goes to @trycycle for surviving that OTB - it would have done serious damage to a mere mortal Eye-wink

Rob's picture

Sorry had to bail after the sweet sniggle, but if it's any conciliation have been in the pub most of the arvo Eye-wink What a great day! Laughing out loud

Here's my profile BTW:

Thanks to all... needed to get some mojo back and some of those big rolls were the ticket! Laughing out loud

Pete B's picture

Great ride and good to put faces to names.

The singletrack at the end was great, I'll be visiting that again soon Smiling

Thanks for the kudos, John. It's not necessary though, I've never had a dually so it's all I know! Plus, going arse over tit because I wasn't watching where I was going wiped it out anyway!

Thanks to all, especially Rob. Mainly for creating and maintaining this site but also for showing me back to the car so I could get home before curfew.

hawkeye's picture

Meant to say thanks to Rob for showing us that deviation via Larool Track.

Not sure it saved us any time Eye-wink

But it was much more interesting than pounding along the breakdown lane on MV Road.

Dicko's picture

Hawkeye and other trail care guys

As you have seen for yourself the singletrack that is there and being added to just off monavale rd is fantastic.

Some easier areas for the kids, plus some more technical stuff for those who are interested.

Given its location, proximity to st ives showground, and in basically a piece of land that was otherwise dissused, but a great terrain for building sniggle, this offers a prime area to continue to develop a nice little trail network.

How is this land managed ? Is there anything stopping further development of these trails ? i think a couple
Of working bees and some guidance of some trail builders a nice 5 - 8 km loop could be made in there.

Thoughts ?

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