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2 creeks trail

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By bikemad - Posted on 20 February 2008

rocky bit

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Hey, so where is this?

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I wrote a whole blooming spiel on this trail last night,attempted to post it and somehow it just all disapeared on me!!was most frustrating.Any way,this is two creeks trail,runs along the foreshore opposite davidson reserve beneath the roseville bridge.Tis an out and back about 12kms total im guessing.similar tech level to the dam in places.access is from the bottom of babbage rd or you could enter at eastern arterial rd were its a fire trail.

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after your 6th or 7th beer.
I keep forgetting about this trail. it's not a bad out and back that I haven't done in ages. We were talking about it at the barbie, then I forgot about it again. That happens when you advance in years.

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Isn't this a signposted walking trail?

I checked it out from the oval at Lindfield (i.e. Eastern Arterial end) and didn't bother riding any further because it said it was a walking trail... and there's no way i could be arsed carrying my bike UP steps...

Going down steps is of course ok, but going down means up on the way back...


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Sounds a bit like Mooney Mooney?
Similar distance?

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Yeh caro,is not as long as mooney mooney nor nearly as steep.I rode it yesterday,at babbage rd end there is an entrance at the top of a driveway.i rode it up to eastern arterial rd were half way along there is a sign saying garrigal nat pk.The sign has no fire,dogs camping or motorbikes-thats it.As everyman and his dog walks in there and a dog is gonna do more harm than i(im not gonna be chomping the water dragons)then im gonna keep riding it.Didnt come across a single person from 5-6pm,walkers or otherwise.

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I reckon it's more similar to manly dam than menai. it's not long, though it's an out and back. It's flat though, so no huffing and puffing from what I remember. But a few rocky sections, though all up probably less techy than the dam. Some blind corners are best to take carefully as it is a popular walk, especially for doggie owners. It's a good ride if you're in the area (either end) but probably not worth a long trip which is why I haven't done it in a while. Must get back there though, haven't ridden it in about a year, and would be interested to ride it again.

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