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Tooth-friendly gels?

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By Lach - Posted on 05 December 2013

This week I managed to lose a front tooth trying to tear open a Gu with my front teeth while riding Sad - a process that I have done many times before, without any negative teeth impact.
For context, it was a dead tooth (root canal work a couple of decades ago) and I'm at an age where my teeth are starting deteriorate around the many fillings I had as a result of growing up before they put fluoride in our drinking water.
I've only ever used Gu as it sits OK on my stomach and I like the chocolate flavour.
So my question is can anyone recommend a gel that is easy to use "on the go" that doesn't involve the use of a soon-to-be-expensively-replaced front incisor?

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You can get GU in jubes, I think they are called GU Chomps, give them a go.

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Unfortunately the GU chomps are even harder to open than the Gels

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Get a gel flask. They are a bit like a small water bottle. You can fit upto 3 gels into the one flask.

Also for another option watch this video:

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Yes but you can open them before a ride and keep them in something easy to open

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.. I think the tape option will be the way to go for races. For other occasions I might just try "stopping and eating" Eye-wink Although a bit of training for both the stomach and the hands in eating on the run doesn't go astray in the lead-up to a race.
BTW I haven't been spitting the tabs out - they go back into the pocket. But I did manage to spit the tooth out when I took the gel out wondering why the tab wasn't coming off.... Only found half of it.

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What I do is work out how many GU chomps I'll need for a race and then fill my jersey pocket with them. They are so easy to grab 2 at a time and down them, you'd be surprised how easy they separate with a glove on.

They very rarely get contaminated, sometimes I might get a bit of sand on them but who cares it's quick and works, just don't bite down too hard or we go back to the tooth issue again. I have thought of lining the pocket with a foam cup or something to prevent sweat but it really doesn't seem to be an issue.

Negative is that they are expensive here. $5.50 a pack is about the going rate here on a good day. I buy them by the box's in the US at less than $1.30 a pack and I have family bring them over when they visit.

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.. do they make them in chocolate outrage???

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Cant you pen them with your fingers while riding no hands on the firetrails ? Or I think endora make the squeeze tubes you can empty the gels in there before the race starts and wash out when you are finished each ride at night ...

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I tape them to the bike Eye-wink

Gel Anyone

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