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By DanR6 - Posted on 09 January 2014

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Hey guys,
I want to plan a MTB trip to the Blue Mountains and i am trying to find some good trails (preferably, mostly a down hill run). I have heard that some DH trails go for hours, but i have not been able to find any. I don't mind if it is not a completely DH trail, but a flowing, long Ride, just not something like a xc trail. Can You please give me the names of some trails and advice on how the trail was, HOW LONG THEY ARE, or any other tips. This is my first MTB trip and i am fairly new to the sport so any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, Dan

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... is a must do. Park your car at Glenbrook, catch the train with your bike to Woodford, a few rolling hills to get you warmed up, and a nice long (15km?) firetrail descent with some fun singletrack at the end.

Road climb out from the causeway at the bottom is a bit of a bastard but it is short.

30km Smiling

Alternatively you can park at Emu Plains and filter down thru Knapsack Reserve after crossing the highway at Glenbrook.

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