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Wingello - Anyone know if it's closed this weekend?

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By Pete B - Posted on 20 January 2014

Might sound like a strange question but I've driven down there only for the mtb trails to be closed for a scout camp. I have tried Googleing it but I can only seem to find fire danger closures for the state forests, nothing for event closures.

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1300 655 687

After driving all the way there one weekend I was met by a ranger advising the forest was closed. He gave me this number.

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Awesome, thanks.

I'll give them a bell tomorrow.

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Is on Forests NSW website.

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Thanks for the replies gents. The link Brian posted was a page I'd looked at earlier but was a dubious of how current the info was.

I gave the foresty commission a call who in turn gave me the number for the supervising ranger in the park. He was a friendly guy who said all was good for riding this weekend.

Hopefully he won't mind me putting his number up here so others can check with him directly on the status of the mtb trails in the future.

Graham North
0428 433 667

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There were signs posted in the campground last weekend stating that the campground was closed to both camping and general day entry for a few days including the weekend of 1-2 Feb. I assumed this would also be listed on the website but it doesn't seem to be at present.

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Went there yesterday, signs said no camping allowed anywhere between 28 Jan till 1-2 Feb.
I presume this would include no biking, as it sound they will harvest trees.

Also note if you are thinking of camping there, solid fire is not permitted, apparently until Easter.

Great place to ride!

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