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Training - What It Takes

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By Antsonline - Posted on 31 January 2014

Hi all – well, I’ve been throwing around ideas on how to pull this together, and hopefully you will all appreciate the format.
There has been quite some interest in advice on training, coaching, sessions, making the most of the scarce time available for training.
Further to that, there is always a bit of interest in the ‘Elite’ end of the race, and the work (as well as other bits) that goes into racing there. Let me immediately say that I’m at the front, but not often the out and out winner – although this may change Eye-wink Furthermore, there are many ways to bake a cake – this is my recipe. Others have other views. There is no ‘right’ approach.

What I propose is that I combine the two, and share with you on a monthly basis whats been going on from a training perspective, what I will be looking at doing in the coming month, and how it all builds up into a program. I’ll highlight the ‘key’ sessions, but also the reasons for doing them – so there is some understanding built as to ‘why’ rather than just ‘what’.

I don’t have my own website or blog, and don’t have time to start one. I actually like to use Nobmob as a community vehicle, and hope that any increase in traffic to it will benefit other readers and the site sponsors. There are some other ideas on delivery media – but time is always a challenge…

So - I'll put it my 'Blog' here on Nobmob.
Here is a link to the first installment....


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