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Gazza over to you now mate

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By Warthog - Posted on 13 February 2014

13 Feb 14
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Looks suspicious - where's your GPS data? Sticking out tongue

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I'm onto it!
Bloody nice time though!

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Thats my stopwatch time so most accurate.

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Weighs over 2.5kg less than Stumpy and climbs really well.

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You were saying it didn't feel fast!!!!!

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GAZZA, he said that to play mind games with you Eye-wink. Nice time Minter

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It's been ages since I've been to the Dam
When did the bloody council shorten it by 10 minutes Eye-wink

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One side of my brain is saying "you can beat that!"
The other is saying "just quit cycling now!"

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Strava/Garmin connect or nothing...

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