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Jersey reorder + shorts

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By Rob - Posted on 15 March 2008

Due to popular demand we are going to re-order some jerseys. And also get some lycra knicks (mainly for racing in, but some people like to wear these all the time - go figure :? ;))

You know the drill, add a comment with size/quantity if you want something, we'll keep a running total.

Pricing for jerseys from last time worked out at $105.50. A re-order of 30 will be marginally cheaper but I don't expect we'll get than many so let's say the price is the same to begin and see what happens.

Shorts will be around $82 each if we get 25. Probably a bit optimistic, but here's hoping, for the minimum of 15 orders they are $15 more! We've opted for the "3D Multi Level Chamois" which is normally an extra but if we get the order in this month comes free. So hurry, hurry!


Chest cm87-9192-9697-101102-106107-111112-116
Waist cm71-7677-8182-8687-9192-9697-101
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Order so far:

Andy Bloot1 x L
anke131 x XS1 x XS
ar_junkie2 x S
Bernd1 x L
Brian1 x L
Bruce1 x L
Carlgroover1 x XL
christine1 x S?1 x S
Damien1 x XL
davis_jnr1 x M
GAZZA1 x L1 x M
Hans1 x XL1 x XL
Harry1 x XL
Justin1 x XXL
Kiwiboy1 x XXL
lance1 x M1 x M
nate1 x L
olaf1 x XXL
pikey1 x XL1 x XL
Rob1 x L1 x L, 1 x XS
shano1 x L
Stuart M1 x XL
supagav1 x M1 x M
Whippet1 x L
Stuart M's picture

Stuart 1 x XL please

Damien's picture

Damien - 1 x XL Jersey.

shano's picture

Shane 1 x Jersey Large Smiling

anke13's picture

Anke = size xs

lance's picture

Lance - 1 x M Jersey, 1 x M Knicks

GAZZA's picture

1x large jersey and 1x medium nicks( do they do medium with extra large cups in the backside to accomodate my 'buns of steel') Eye-wink

Bernd's picture

... 1x large nicks for me please....

christine's picture

like one small knicks please!!!

davis_jnr's picture

1 x M please

christine's picture

would they be for your road riding then?!!!
hee hee

davis_jnr's picture

did someone say road....well hmm maybe...

Harry's picture

1 x XL knicks please Rob

Carlgroover's picture

I better go the XL knicks thanks Rob. We are going to look a touch roadie, but I'm cool with that, knicks are comfy.
PS can we push for the upgraded chamois if we go over the month?

ar_junkie's picture

Sorry, slow on the uptake...
Please may I order 2 smalls?
Preference for the good chammy as opposed to token padding...
Would I be pushing the friendship if I asked for knicks with bib & brace?

Little-Ditty's picture

WTF?? Are you planning on using these as duplicate arm warmers or what? Sticking out tongue

Stuart M's picture

package to keep warm Liam

Justin's picture

I'll go XXL knicks. One for each leg and one for the middle leg. Just kidding.

But XXL, and if bib and brace is an option then I am in for that.

And with my leather saddle a nice shammy is... nice.

Brian's picture

Brian 1 x Jersey in Large

pikey's picture

1 x Jersey XL
1 x Knicks XL (why am I doing this?)

By the way can I get my knicks with a double front Eye-wink



Bernd's picture's 11-30, 23-30 and you should not order gear/parts online!!!!!

Andy Bloot's picture

These can be worn under other pants can't they if the need arises

Bernd's picture

Stuart..... he does that ALL the time!!!!

christine's picture

most self respecting male mountain bike rider... Smiling

pikey's picture

....when she found out I'm ordering Lycra knicks.
She has always said they are band in this house and she does not ever want the kids to see me or anyother man wearing them in this house.
I said what am I suposed to do walk outside naked then put them on? the answer was YES!
Now what do I do? scare the kids or scare the neighbours??
Oh the pressure


Matt's picture

...or the neighbours'll never let you sit on their sofa with wheels...

shano's picture

...ahh.. were the Knicks around the house for a few weeks...are you a man or a mouse? Eye-wink

olaf's picture

I'll have a XXL Jersey please

Paul's picture

Greg when you explain to her that you also tape up you nipples prior to a big ride I think she will realise the type of man
she married.

P.S. I will never tell her about the Fling and how we were roomies.

ar_junkie's picture

The nipple taping for the actual race too...

pikey's picture

Paul, I think we are on a winner here!

And as for room mates, you know the story, what happens on the road stays on the road.....I think?

The wife doen't know about my nipple taping. She wouldn't under stand Sad

Enter Stuart


ar_junkie's picture
Enter Stuart

I thought these shinanigans stayed on tour?

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So... the good news is we have the knicks numbers to order before month end, so free betterer chamois. However, price will prolly be a tenner more than the original $82 due to not having 25 orders. Sad

We have a choice to wait 'til we do have 25, or order anyhow and pay the tenner more each.

Jerseys are minimum order of 15 and there are only 8 people wanting so looks like we'll have to wait a while to get this re-order in. We can leave this thread open and just order when ready.

Hmmmm... thoughts? Any more orders?... That would help! Smiling

Stuart M's picture

What's the count to date (every pun intended)

Rob's picture

To date the order is 16 Knicks, 8 Jerseys.

It's in the comment 'Order so Far'.

anke13's picture

...15 orders for knicks (if the list at the top is up to date).

Carlgroover's picture

Well we need the better chamois as some of us ride a long long way, if I end up with a cheap chamois I'll do a 24hr in them and send them a pic of the damage. So we want the better chamois even if we order next month but they will benefit because we should have a larger order and it will hopefully be at the same time as the jerseys - better for everyone.
Cheers John.

anke13's picture

...agree, John.

Actually, who came up with the idea to make new Nobmobbers wear our jersey (and knicks)? That should bump up numbers. Ha ha just kidding.

If we order next month, I'll have a pair of knicks, too. Just can't afford them this month.

christine's picture

we need six or seven of you lurkers to order jerseys so that everyone can get one...otherwise we will have to wait god knows how long for our next order!!
There seems to be about 40 of us doing Dirtworks so surely not all of you already have a jersey?
they are really comfy to ride in!
we have until the end of the week...Thursday in fact

MEEEE Smiling

Stuart M's picture

and the jersey next month. Looks like the jersey order will be waiting anyway and this way you will help the rest of us get the good chamois at the cheaper price.

Just a thought and all Eye-wink

Paul's picture

Christine what you all are wearing is really "Spandex" because "Lyrca" is a brand name not the generic name of the synthethic material. So I think you should call it what it is and that may help you attract more people lurking in the closet.

FYI not everyone doing the Dirtworks likes to wear "Spandex" and I for one will not be crossing over to the darkside. I will be wearing my baggiest clothes - dudes.

anke13's picture

...I'm glad your brain is still working. Doh! In that case I require 1x size s in the knicks. One down, eight to go...

nate's picture

I'll have one jersey thanks. Medium I think? Gazz, what size is your jersey that I borrowed? it seemed to fit well.

Hans's picture

Hans orders:

1 x XL Jersey
1 x XL Knicks

no lederhosen?

Cheers, Hans

I reject your reality and substitute my own...

Bernd's picture

This comment has been moved here.

pikey's picture

Shurly an XS Sticking out tongue

Bernd's picture

Nice Guy!!!! well done....

Supagav's picture

Can you put me down for 1x Med knicks
and 1 x Med jersey.

Cheers, Gav

christine's picture

makes me like you so much pikey!!

Whippet would like an L jersey please...

we only need TWO more to be ordered - anyone? the order closes tomorrow...
how could you not want to be seen in sexy spanex? (Paul, the colours so suit you...)

Now! after this order goes in tomorrow ANYONE who complains that they have missed out will regret it!!!!!!

MEEEE Smiling

anke13's picture

...but I just measured myself and I better get the knicks in a size xs. So knicks and jersey both in xs.

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