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"Oh the Shame" Guessing Contest!

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By pikey - Posted on 24 March 2008

Shame, Shame, Shame.

Have a guess who Harry & I nearly ran over, ON THE ROAD, on our way to Ourimbah for our MoB ride this morning???

There will be a prize!

Shame, Shame, Shame.


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Is that Ev or Andrew in the front?
Good to see that there are a few versatile NoBMoB riders... Eye-wink

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Hey did you notice that you followed them through a red light?

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Tien and Lorrie
Caught red handed

Edit: I had insider info though.......Tien told me yesterday

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LOL... that's so funny. So I hit the 'original' link to have a closer look.

Think that first guy is Lorrie, but why are his tires yellow, and why is he wearing a black g-string under his knicks!?!

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Do you think on purchasing NoBWeaR you should have to sign a contract saying that the NoBWeaR garment will only be for offroad use?

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I guess if you are going to run red lights you should be heading in the right direction like towards a hospital which they are.

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The guy in the yellow jacket was wobbling from side to side so much I thought "He should try thicker tyres!"

My main concern Rob is your ability to pick out guys wearing G Strings under their bike shorts Hmmm?

Stuart and I must be more carefull from now on....Liam also!

Yes that red light does look scarry as I only have two points left,
but a good photographer always gets his man.

Rob you missed a good day once the fog lifted.


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Look!! It's the Britney Spears paparazzi chase!!! Laughing out loud

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They both look like a sad, sorry sight to me

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I think I need a poll because I don't know what concerns me the most!

1) Pikey chasing bike riders through red lights on slippery roads while taking photographs.

2) Rob blowing up the picture to check out Andrew's butt and VPL.

3) Andrew owning and wearing a G-string

(Note to self: - ask Liam if it's usual for roadies to wear G Strings)

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wear G Strings)" under lycra Paul, don't forget the under lycra bit.

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Nice new bike Tien....... don't worry about the funny remarks about road bikes, they must be soooo jealous. How far did you go? Will have to get out on the skinny bikes with you soon.

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