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By ChopStiR - Posted on 25 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Feed back can be worth more than Gold.

At today's Rake & Ride, we where handed out slips of paper with an email asking for feedback. This is extremely important!!!

Several staff are very keen to build more Mountain bike trails as they can see the multiple of benefits mountain biking brings but they need 2 things. Convincing the Powers that be and funding. One of the most powerful weapons in achieving both of these is feedback.

Here are some suggestions you may like to talk about.

Did you like the new trail?

  • What did and/or didn't you like about the new trail?
  • What improvements could be made?
  • How does the new trail compare to the old trail?
  • Have your kids and/or partner rode the new and/or old trail and how was it for them?
  • Which did you prefer better and why? Realigned trail or rebuilt existing trail. Psst, its realigned trail. Its cheaper to build and gives the designer/builder more options for picking out the best lines. The rebuilt existing trail runs down a fall line and is more likely to erode which will also create a high maintenance demand(use your own words)
  • Does this new single track make you want to visit the park or ride the Oaks more often?

As a weapon, they don't only want to know about the new single track but everything related in the park. All this information can be used to help get approval and funding to build new trails. Here are some suggestions.

  • What is it like having to ride up the road? Boring? feel unsafe? to much dust from cars? Corrugated? sandy?
  • Does the remaining 6km of single track need to be fixed? Perhaps a realignment is a better option
  • What would make you want to visit the Park and/or Euroka Clearing more often?

Here are some ideas

  • Would it be better if there was another trail to ride up? Why?
  • Is there a need for a skills park and/or pump tracks
  • Would it be beneficial if there was a single track that started and finished in Euroka clearing?
  • Is there a need for an Advanced riders only trail? and why would this be benifical to the park?
  • Would a trail connecting Bennets Ridge and Pisgah ridge that created a 30-40km loop of the park be benefical?

So you haven't ridden the new single track yet?
It is still beneficial for you to send an email

  • Have you seen photos and it makes you want to come and ride it?
  • Has word of mouth made you want to come and check it out for yourself?
  • Are you an out of towner but plan to ride the Oaks in the near future?
  • So please send your emails to [email protected] (they forgot the .au in the paper slips handed out)

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Not been up to The Oaks for a long time. Now I have no excuse not to... looks pretty rad

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Received an email from Scott (Ranger/builder who a lot of us met at the Rake and Ride day)

Here is a snippet from the email

We have had a great response from the riders on the day coming in via email. At last count I had over 20 very detailed responses all of which gave positive and honest feedback on not only the single track but other issues facing cyclists in Glenbrook.
The feedback has been great, and is certainly gaining the attention of management of all levels.

Great work guys, but only 20+ is a little dissheartening. The Strava segment which was set up and has only caught the rides along the new alignment has reported 207 users have ridden the new alignment to date. I'd imagine this number would be close to double with many riders not using a gps device or uploading to strava.

So if you haven't sent an email, please do. You do not have to go into great detail if you don't want to.

A simple thanks for the trail, I Loved riding it. really does help.

Please help spread the word and encourage your mates to send an email.
Showing some appreciation can go a long way. This can make the difference of getting more new trails or not.

[email protected]

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I moved from Penrith to Perth at the start of 2012. The Oaks was a staple of my mountain bike rides. After hearing word of the new single track and watching the posted video, i am both excited & keen to get back & ride it myself.

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Haha, you could always go on the Strava Messaging system and spam the riders Eye-wink Just sent them a message along the lines of 'Hi Rider, I noticed that you've ridden the new Oaks Alignment recently. It would be great for NPWS to receive your feedback, even a short email along the lines of "Blah Blah", to the email address "Insert email here"'

I reckon you'll get a pretty positive response, as a lot of people won't even know about this site, thread or the fact that feedback is being sought!

Good luck!

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I found the new single track quite....strange.

After riding the top half of the trail at warp speed arriving at the new alignment is a bit weird - it seems designed to slow you down. The little speed humps/jumps right before the berms are a case in point. Maybe I just need to get to know it better or it's a style of trail I am not used to.

And I do really appreciate all the efforts of the trail builders, etc it's great to have legal singletrack in a NP. So well done to all involved.

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I just rode the new trail with 7 of my mates and I have sent an email expressing how much we enjoyed it, I'm going to give my mates the email address so they can send an email too.

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Hey Gareth
Make sure you leave your feedback for the NP by email

I suggested rather than the humps, they do some tabletops that are easier to keep your speed into the berm but still stop water pooling at the low point of the berm (which is what I think the humps are there for)

As far as speed goes, I also suggested that they try and retain the speed when they re-do the first section
And add some nice rock gardens to replace the gnar erotion that is so much fun but unlikely to remain

The guy from Synergy and NP told me that they wanted all feedback good or bad because this is 'our' trail and it is up to us to let them all know what we want

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Wow, it does look pretty good. Gotta get out there sooner than later. BTW, is the rock garden with those sequences of drops gone completely? What's the split at 2:01? Where's the right of the fork going, back to the tarmac?

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The track off to the right at 2.01 is the blue loop. It rejoins at 2.05. You can see it come in on the right.

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The track off to the right is the blue loop. It rejoins at 2.05. You can see it come in on the right.

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I left them some feedback on behalf of a small posse that did it on the weekend.
Big thumbs up to all involved. I hope they are the same people working on the Bantry Bay trails....

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... on what the blue loop is, but if this is real-time it's just one of those near the old drops where you could choose from two paths, one slightly less intimidating then the other (I guess).

either way, I am talking too much, I'll try to get out on Sunday morning instead and have a go

btw- loved to rediscover that offsrpring number Eye-wink

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Yes... As in yes to the blue being easier. Think A line and B line.
Where the new track splits and goes to the left, look at it as a 5 metre short cut...
That's all.

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Rode it today and it was awesome and now the colour coding makes sense too, it's the int'l coding.

Must say the ride is pretty awesome. I wish I was pushing myself a little less along the way to have a bit more in me and have a second run of it, but with all fairness I'd need to drive so that monstrous climb out of the creek doesn't hang ahead of my eyes when squeezing the last little bits out on one more run.

Pretty nice ride, would be good if the upper part was "realigned"(?) in a similar fashion.

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Same as GarethP I was coming down the first half with a smile then I hit the new part confused there were a few too many rollers for me too , I can see all the hard work gone into the track

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