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Sidewall Repair #2

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By Rob - Posted on 24 March 2008

Repair #2 to a ruptured sidewall (below) after it started to bulge through tape applied to attempt #1. Remains of old tube tube wrapped around deflated tire and secured, then tire pumped to operating pressure. Seemed to work a treat too!

When Sidewalls Pop

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I dismantled the repair last night and even though the knot around the spoke was basic it had tensioned against itself and I had to cut it off. I think it also worked so well as when we wrapped the tube around the tyre, we had let quite a bit of air out and we wrapped it quite tight.
PS. At first due to the damage I thought I had a long walk home.

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A great one to remember for getting home, using something you always have with you, a stuffed tube.

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