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Half Kowalski

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By bmar560 - Posted on 21 September 2014

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Kowalski Classic 2014
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50KM/Open Male
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Having raced the full Kowalski last year and barely made it in 6hours. I thought I'll take it easy this year and do the half. I haven't really train/ride enough this year to be in a condition to do the full. So a few weeks before the race I did some last minute training, the rain we've had the past few weeks didn't help in motivating me to ride, plus my training trail manly dam was closed for almost a month. So the past week I was riding up and down the pipeline, and mixing it up with a bit of road riding.

Now for the race itself, the 50KM track was great!!
My only regret was not starting in an earlier group, I signed up for group 4 but sneaked myself in to start in wave 3C. There was a long slow queue on the uphills in the first half, and I mean 20-30 riders long which left you with little choice but to wait. A lot of stopping for no apparent reason. The 2nd half was much better in terms of the riding, I could go at my own pace without having 20-30 riders in front of me.

The climb up seismic road towards the end was a killer, but kept saying to myself MUST NOT GET OFF AND WALK. I was on my 26x34 granny gear, so I think I'll stick with my double chainring for now Smiling Climbing up Big Wednesday instead of going down felt weird, when you know how good it would be riding down those berms. The final descent down the beer garden was a great finale.

I'm happy with my results. Now something I need to decide is whether I should do the full or half fling in November ??

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Well done Mario.. Go the full fling Eye-wink

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Nice one Mario.

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Well done Mario, that sounds like a much improved experience from last year. Glad you enjoyed it, and let that motivate you to get on the bike and train hard for the Full Fling. Wingello has some great riding there and you'll get your fix in the full along with a much better feeling of satisfaction.

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It was a much better experience than last year for sure Tristan !
Trails are dry, it wasn't raining and I didn't have a gout attack on my knee a few days before the race, no sliding seatposts and not riding a 2 week old bike.

I just checked the maps of the fling, looks like all the fun singletracks in Wingello are only featured in the full. decisions, decisions
7 weeks to go, how much training can I squeeze in....

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The Wingello ST is only for the Full Fling, and I think that's the best bit. However, the 6km or so in the final stage is pretty good as well.

Just try to squeeze in as much hill training as possible if you do the full, the singletrack stuff will come together naturally.

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Totally agree about the weirdness of riding a big bermed trail backwards! Riding the Kow last year (?) many riders including myself were hitting BW's launches blind having never been on the trail before. Not your average Marathon

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