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Oaks Up and Back

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By hawkeye - Posted on 26 September 2014

Sunday, 5 October, 2014 - 08:00
4 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks
Meeting Point: 

Glenbrook station carpark.

-33.769197, 150.622262 (Glenbrook Station Carpark)

Up and back for some training.

While only 50-odd kms, I found this quite a challenging ride last time. Be sure to bring enough food and fluids for the duration.

Who's in?
hawkeye, danielschipper, ahein, rossco_, R_M.G, Jamesy, The Other Rider (7 riders)
hawkeye danielschipper ahein rossco_ R_M.G Jamesy The Other Rider
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bmar560's picture

bugger, I can't do rides on Sunday otherwhise I would've join you.

Brian's picture

Depending on Saturday I'm thinking of doing the Oaks loop Sunday so I might see you out there.

hawkeye's picture

I normally need Saturdays to recover from the week, otherwise I'd be tagging along on your ride tomorrow. Sad

sikllama's picture

..and I was seriously thinking about doing this ride THIS Sunday from 7:30am as I can't make either tomorrow or next Sunday. One day the stars will align.

Brian's picture

Haha. I won't see you Hawkeye as thought it was this Sunday

bmar560's picture

ah well solo ride it is Smiling
Have fun, hopefully I don't get lost.
If I like it I'll probably do it more often before the fling

hawkeye's picture

... but would need a lift.

Edit: two weekends in a row. What am I doing? Evil

hawkeye's picture

I did the ride today with sikllama and was reminded just how tough this ride is.

Not having the bailout gear 24/36 I had last time made it more challenging on the real steep stuff, with the power meter the lowest my skinny legs have available is 26T on the front.

That said, we had shorter rest stops than last time and I felt much less shagged by the time I got to the singletrack on the way back down. And surprisingly I feel OK now. The two 23% pinches still got the better of me, but I rode most of the first one which I'm happy with.

So maybe something is working in the training.

The revelation today was how much sikllama has improved since our first ride together a bit over a year and a half ago. He's shed a few kilos, has his on bike nutrition working better, and was riding really well. :Thumbs up!:

See you next weekend Smiling

Black Flash's picture

Sikllama is a champion!

bmar560's picture

I ended up going solo on Saturday morning, started riding at 6am so it was fresh.
Really liked it, as you said, some of the climbs are stem kissing steep(although not as steep as "THE WALL" in Wingello). I think the 1x10 idea is out the window after riding the Oaks, as I used both chainrings effectively on the way up and down.
It's going to be my new training trail I reckon as it's only 40 mins drive for me.

ahein's picture

Just realised it's the long weekend so at least I get another day to recover from the ride Eye-wink

Jamesy's picture

New to the site, but looks like a great training ride. Just wanted to check its not a group of elite racers or 24 hour solo nutters I'm joining Smiling I did read something about power meters in the thread so you have me worried

Rob's picture

No offence to anyone who's signed up... but think you'll be right Eye-wink

ahein's picture

There are no nutters that I know of on this ride, I think we are all out there to have some fun

hawkeye's picture

... definitely not. But still nutters. Eye-wink

By the looks on the faces of the riders we chatted to last weekend coming the other way, probably anyone who tackles this both ways can claim the hallowed title of nutter. Sticking out tongue

Repeat after me: "Shut up, legs!"

At least we finish with the fun bit Smiling

(... followed by the final bastard climb of the day back to the car park. At least it's short.)

Jamesy's picture

Thanks all, nice to know I can still enjoy a few long weekend frosty ones and get a decent ride in, rather than devote every waking hour to pre-conditioning on a turbo trainer (which I would have to go out and buy) or perhaps thats the attraction of indoor trainers - you can avoid spilling your beer while riding.

The Other Rider's picture

Hi guys,

Came here from the Fb link posted in the Sydney MTB group – are you still ok to welcome another rider?

hawkeye's picture

After all, suffering shared is suffering relieved.

Or not... in this case (cue evil laugh) Eye-wink

rossco_'s picture

IT is my first visit in oak and still learning how to do better. With group ride, it does motivate more surely. Besides, changed my bike a bit and diet to see if I can beat my time in 3 ring circus a while. Looking forward to see u guys.

sikllama's picture

LOL @BlackFlash

Definitely require a pre-disposition to tolerate some hurt to do it up and back - last week reminded me a little of the 3 Ring Circus and in fact this ride has a very similar vertical and length to that race (albeit with less singletrack).

Take plenty of water/endura/drink of choice on sunday fellas - its going to be a stinka!

Brian's picture

Don't forget to put your clock forward Saturday night

R_M.G's picture

Hello everyone.

Im spending the weekend in katoomba with the family and I'll take this time to visit the oaks for the first time Smiling
being a 16yr old I doubt I have the legs to go out+back so Id love to tag along for the "Out" fire trail (I'll break off from everyone at the single track so I can try the blue/black lines)
Conformation that we meet at the glenbrook station carpark? And we (well I do at least) finish at the woodford station end?
Look out for the kid on with the red helm Smiling
Can't wait,

hawkeye's picture

Rueben, this isn't really a newbies ride... the climb up to Woodford from Glenbook (the "öut" bit) is pretty brutal, and is by far the hardest part of the ride. It took us two hours last Sunday, and we're reasonably experienced and fit(tish). Most if not all who're coming have done 50km or 100km races.

Sooo... can I suggest another option that would be more fun? Smiling

If you were to meet us at the Woodford trailhead at 10:00am, the traditional one-way ride back down the mountain is a lot more hootworthy, and within your capability. My youngster did it at 16yo and loved it, so I think you'd be fine.

You could then catch the train back up to Katoomba from Glenbrook.

Just so everything is above board, could you please get one of your parents to give me a call Saturday, preferably in the morning. My number is in my profile. Click on my handle "hawkeye" and it will take you to the right spot to find it.

More info here:
And here:

R_M.G's picture

Thanks for saving me from that one!
(I was going to go by myself, until parents decided I ride with a group)
I'll meet you at wood ford trailhead then, I'll get my parents to give you a call.

The Other Rider's picture

I've never ridden with anyone other than my brothers and old mates, so looking forward to meeting some new faces.

I have a 26in Huffy dual suspension that's about 6 years old - do you think it will make it?

(It's ok, I'm joking...)

rossco_'s picture

Thanks, guys. Especially haweyes to organize.

It is very challenge ride but worth it. For me, easier to follow rather than give up if I do it myself.

Two things, one is I dropped my garmin on the way down. Luckily, there is a guy called Andrew, he picked it and gave it back to me while I was trying to find it. Can't say enough thank you. One reason why I love this sport, full of great people.

Rode 1x10, 34-11/42, a few steep sections I needed to walk a bit whilst cramping. Saw the heart rate is 165 just walking. Double ring definitely helps and makes more efficient for sure.

Nice to meet everyone!

hawkeye's picture

I lost mine once at a race at Yellomundee. I was just about to head back out to find it when race control announced on the PA that someone had handed one in. Man, was I glad I didn't need to explain that to the missus when I got home.

Agree wholeheartedly, this sport is full of great people. Smiling

So have we convinced you to go clipless and double ring on the front? Eye-wink

Edit: Here's the trace from the ride. Still a bit fatigued from last week and this stupid sinus infection I've been battling for the last 6 weeks made a return during the ride, so pretty happy to still have set some new PRs for some sections.

ahein's picture

Thanks for the ride guys. It was a good fun day out

The Other Rider's picture

A good, challenging ride - made all the more so by three flat tyres within 500m on the singletrack. Gave up repairing it and just rode out with a flat... made the last climb back to the station "interesting" (to be honest, I don't think it was that much worse).

Was great to meet you all, thanks for having me along.

danielschipper's picture

Thanks for the ride guys, great to meet you all and for organising it hawkeye. That 1st climb to the helipad just keeps going... Reminded me a bit of the woomera climb at Convict.

I'll definitely be back to do this again... But perhaps on a day where the temp tops out a bit below the 37 degrees we saw.

ahein's picture

@the other rider you need to get that tubeles conversion kit out of the car and get your wheels converted Eye-wink

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